WTF??? - What Is Steemit??

in abuse •  2 years ago 
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That is fucking terrible. Reported!!

It makes a mockery of the rest of us and steemit in general mate. Thanks for the support and hope your day is going well @thernau. :)


I know mate. Looks like we're playing the game all wrong eh?? :(

Seriously?!!! [email protected]&@&$@(😡😡😡

Some people are so poor, all they have is money @arrliinn. :)

I know, right? Hmmm, I wonder how far a place holder's gonna get me. LOL

Resteemed........ Shocking!!!!

Cheers Mark. I don't think any amount of public shaming will change the behaviour of people like this unfortunately but hope fully it can stand as an example to others of just how greedy some people can be and how this sort of thing will bring down the platform if left unchecked.

Hope you and the family have had and are having a great time, wherever you are. :)

Whoa! What the hell is that? Insane.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

:) A good days work by the looks of it. And with the price of SBD and steem atm, probably more than a lot of other users on steemitearn in a year from their real life jobs. :(

Oh my. 😐

I have no idea on what's happening right there.

Basically, someone just rewarded themselves with 1500 SBD and 500 steem from the rewards pool for a post which says only SBD Correction. :(

i don't understand what happened ??

Someone had a very good day. To the tune of around $20, 000 US

wow :o

Perhaps when such kind of people go, SBD will finally stop dropping very often.

Besides, how does he do this?

Money and connections make more money and more connections.

Thanks for the comment @illyab. Hope your day is going well mate.

And here I was under the impression that I have to write something - never knew I could make money as a 'place holder' - wow this is really shocking - no idea how he does it - resteeming

nice post