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Well this is unpleasant.

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Remember kids if you are an immoral asshole you can still buy your way into being right.

We have plenty of such righteous asses on here. I am on bernie's flag trail myself, wasting his VP with my comments around the platform. I have a couple of more of those angry haters going around downvoting my comments, joining the fun. I sometimes vote them back up for visibility, but for the most part? Don't care.

As for this specific issue, I disagree with you. In part. "Steemit should not be about soliciting nude images." Well, steemit can be about anything you want to it be, really. If I choose to post my breasts on steemit, it's totally my choice. In addition, the Internet is the Internet. People should know better than to post their nudity online then complain if they suddenly regret it. It's why I make sure only post my GOOD nudes. :)

I do agree that flagging unrelated posts is petty, abusive and pretty pathetic. On the other hand, I also think you should not regard this silly competition as something that endangers the foundations of steemit as a community or whatnot. It's a silly content, with silly entries (did you see the plush boobies? I died!) that is all about having fun. Not having fun? Don't upvote? Having non-fun? Flag it as hard as you can and mute the user who published it.

Bottom line: Ignore the haters. Let them flag. Don't take steemit too seriously or it'll just cost you time and emotion.

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As for this specific issue, I disagree with you. In part. "Steemit should not be about soliciting nude images." Well, steemit can be about anything you want to it be, really. If I choose to post my breasts on steemit, it's totally my choice.

I'll reiterate my problem with it here – that the problem is not the boobs but the solicitation and the implicit invitation for the most restrictive law enforcement agency involved in the scope of potential applicants to perk up and pay attention.

With the current shenanigans regarding State financial institutions taking an interest in bitcoin in specific and cryptocurrencies in general, this is probably a terrible time to point out that Steemit makes a fine platform for exchanging adult goods and services with absolutely no verification of legality. For those looking to maximize individual freedom, this is a selling point – but it's also a serious vulnerability, whether we like it or not.

Again, pro-boobs. Whenever and wherever possible. But generally against setting up for a fight which will end poorly for anyone who doesn't have access to a bunch of guys with guns and tanks.

Picking your fights well is one of the secrets of successful conflict management.


I'm no lawyer but in the UK we have laws with regards 'On-Line' grooming. I suspect Inspector Plod would view inciting (Females) to "Show themselves" over the Internet as falling into that category?

I did see in, when all this flared up, the argument put forward of "There's porn readily available on the web!" TBH that's a silly argument. There's a vast difference between the online porn industry and asking someone to "Get them out" for a few Steem or an upvote.

Just my two penneth.


Hmm... Didn't look at it like that, not being in the states and all. Solicitation is indeed something that can draw the attention of authorities, but as long as all participants are adults, and sums involved are peanuts, I doubt they'd waste their time on this.


It's actually worse if we allow for the fact that Steemit is a platform maybe being used by locations as diverse as Iran, North Korea, or Libya – and we know that the largely Islam-driven sensors in those countries would love to see a big, juicy target that actually lives up to the lies that they intended to tell about it.

The problem becomes one which Dr. House so elegantly stated as, "everybody lies."

Knowing that we will experience some of the user agents on both sides of the deal lying about who they are and what they want, it's going to become extremely hard to distinguish who is human – much less are they adults.

Adult content can bring in significant money, real money. That is, after all, how adult engineers helped bring the era of easily accessible upload/download content to the Internet. Those adult engineers saw problem that they had, looked around and saw that a lot of people could use solutions, and then did something about it.

Sometimes the coercive power of the State is pretty much entirely given on the whims of the senior researchers. If one of them decide that they just don't like CP in any way, shape, or form – not wholly rationally, decide that they want to come after everyone involved in the space, they certainly can.