TATCH 👻 HATER: Youhou we got downvoted 🙄

in #abuse6 years ago (edited)

Hi guys !

Looks like we got ourself a hater... probably one of those keyboard warrior in the person of @evian (yeah like the water brand 🙄)

I do understand that their is abuse Steem compensation system but... come on are you even remotely serious ?

I have been putting a lot of time to make nice and professional TA that people actually like, answer people's questions, "educate", etc and all of this for FREE.
All the Steem I bought (personally) and those earned have been put into power up...

Most of Tatch follower are not even on Steemit but on Linkeding, Twitter or mainly our Telegram...

I use steemit as a blogging platform and I like, it fits the job nicely,
We manage to get ourselves as nice and tight community and seeing someone downvoting my work for no-reason without any explanation... well that sucks !

So far almost all of my TA are available on Steemit, but maybe we should leave it ? 🧐😤
Anyway it kind of sucks, what do you guys think ?

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Full discosure guy is a bitter ex-member of the #Gulden Telegram trying to pick on some else about his problems... He's actually @fitzgibbon
No surprise he got kick out with such a childish behaviour... 🙄

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