Steem Flag Rewards Daily Activity Report 4/20/2018 - @greentomorrow Comment Spam Op Thwarted by @neutralizer!steemCreated with Sketch.

in abuse •  11 months ago

Decided to let our bot off his leash to handle the comment spammer @greentomorrow yesterday.


It was very effective. Before we started the operation, we had noted uninformed users were being tricked into upvoting the comment spammer. I know some of you reading this probably seen it.

Well, the thing about it is @greentomorrow is a liar. Others confirmed that there were actually no upvotes. What this account is doing is trying to elicit upvotes by making its target believe they had been upvoted. It's only fair, right? NOT!

@neutralizer picked up @greentomorrow's scent and was on him like white on rice! 🍚

He was doing the following:

  • Downvoting the comment spam 20% if not downvoted already.
  • Commenting to warn the user of the con as follows:

We received a lot of positive feedback and a couple squawking a little bit because they already know about spam.


It helped plenty of users that would have otherwise been unaware so I would call that a success! We may refine the operation in the future to exclude "squawkers".

Anyways, here's our mention report for the day! No updates to the script yet.

LinkAbuse FighterDownvoted?Time
@flagawhale/re-greentomorrow-re-flagawhale-steem-quest-1-flag-a-whale-mmorpg-battle-update-18a-steemconnect-flagging-trail-beta-20180420t063120700zflagawhaleTRUE4/20/2018 1:32
@holger80/re-greentomorrow-re-make-a-whale-make-a-whale-or-day-255-20180420t081854491zholger80TRUE4/20/2018 3:21
@flagawhale/re-greentomorrow-re-benedict17-debt-20180420t082615174zflagawhaleTRUE4/20/2018 3:26
@samueldouglas/re-greentomorrow-re-arcange-phishing-site-reported-autoupvotes-20180420t095412000zsamueldouglasTRUE4/20/2018 5:12
@viog37/re-maliksaim-20-lightning-revenant-100-food-vs-25-knight-100-food-fully-upgrade-1080p-20180420t053357496zviog37TRUE4/20/2018 8:26
@yekrats/re-adipurna-putlocker-watch-mamma-mia-here-we-go-again-movie-2018-online-full-and-free-hd-20180420t132725695zyekratsTRUE4/20/2018 8:28
@siosfl/re-moniruzzaman24-watchfree-vengadores-infinity-war-pelicula-completa-online-2018-20180420t132827190zsiosflTRUE4/20/2018 8:29
@yekrats/re-victoriacalloway-re-gardenofeden-39vtjd-today-s-sustainable-feast-in-the-garden-of-eden-20180420t153756079zyekratsTRUE4/20/2018 10:40
@steemseph/re-greentomorrow-re-zainansaristare-mujhe-phool-pasand-hai-20180420t160936248zsteemsephTRUE4/20/2018 11:12
@incubot/re-greentomorrow-re-playdice-20180420135705910-diceroll-20180420t174523936zincubotTRUE4/20/2018 12:47
@incubot/re-greentomorrow-re-playdice-20180420085705884-diceroll-20180420t175035858zincubotTRUE4/20/2018 12:51
@incubot/re-greentomorrow-re-playdice-20180420185706016-diceroll-20180420t201636126zincubotTRUE4/20/2018 15:17
@anthonyadavisii/re-victoriacalloway-re-cryptokraze-food-and-health-awareness-or-the-benefits-associated-with-jackfruit-20180420t234758172zanthonyadavisiiTRUE4/20/2018 18:48

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Neutralizer is so Pimp!

Please review the comment @bitcoinflood This is using the system ...It seems that he has found an easy way to earn money...

This guy really pisses me off. if you look he waits until day six to upvote all the crap comments. What do you think can we start a campain to stop this?

This account is posting the same comment over and over again asking for follows and upvotes: