INFORMING THE MASSES - A short list of some of the abuses against @Noganoo by Satanic whales on Steemit

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For those of you who are unaware @Noganoo was sexually abused when he was 5 years old. Bernie Sanders learned this from Fyrstikken whom Noganoo trusted and confided in and then was betrayed and slandered by Fyrstikken whom Noganoo brought to Steemit. Noganoo only requested that Fyrstikken send back the 10 Bitcoins he stole from SatoshiHorizon through his “altcoin investment fund.” Noganoo stood up against Bernie's flag abuse towards SeaBlue which caused the war that you are seeing today. Bernie swore to destroy Noganoo because Noganoo defended the helpless minnows on Steemit. Below are just a few of the terrible insults they have spoken against this Christian man. Please visit @Noganoo's blog and support and encourage him through these demonic attacks as his old friends have forsaken him. Not only do these people verbally attack Noganoo but they antagonize him until he responds in anger, then they sent the FBI to his house for "threatening." Noganoo has requested to all of the whales on steemit directly for them to speak to these 2 fraudsters and tell them to stop. Not a word was said in one year and now he is resorting to further action. The abuse will stop. If you have any information as to the identity or whereabouts of BernieSanders or Pfunk please contact [email protected]. There is a substantial reward and you can remain anonymous. Noganoo is unable to file a restraining order against these 2 until he finds their identity. BernieSanders is a pedophile and should not be rewarded with upvotes on Steemit.

First of all let's go back to before this all started. Noganoo was investigating the fraud and theft of 10s of millions of dollars of rewards by Donkeypong, Gavvet, HanshotFirst, Kevinwong, The-Alien, JrCornel, Sweetsssj and Knozaki2015 with their organization called "SteemGuild" where they used the Steemit Co-founder Ned's account to vote for themselves instead of the "minnows" they claimed to be supporting. Go look at all of their current account values and you can see that over 1 year ago Noganoo was right! They paid themselves multi-millions for only a couple months of curating on Steemit. Something the rest of us do for free. You can see that these people and their friends are the only people who have ever attacked Noganoo. They are trying to cover up their theft. If you go back on the blockchain you can see Noganoo's accounts previously supported most of these authors with his thousand bot voters early on in the platforms launch. Then Noganoo called out The-Alien for his common use of the word "Motherfucker" in his fiction stories that were upvoted by their "Steemguild" to number one on trending every day to "raise money for the guild." Fact is they stole millions of dollars. This rebuke prevented Noganoo from ever getting an upvote from that guild which controlled over 30% of the voting power on Steemit at the time.

2017-03-10 08_06_14-(•) Steemit Chat (1).png

"Sorry, I should have said "Go fuck your cousin." (again)

2018-02-01 13_40_22-.png

Here is Pfunk attacking Noganoo's girlfriend.


Here Bernie tries to twist the truth and calls him an "incestuous criminal." Bernie is trying to convince the unknowing public that Noganoo is a sex criminal.

2018-02-01 13_30_07-.png

I'll save you a spot beside me in hell to torment you with incestuous dick art for all eternity.

2017-09-07 06_51_29-.png

I'm pretty sure (noganoo) was molested by somone in the church.

2017-03-17 18_19_18-(•) Steemit Chat.png

Incestuous Scumbag, I bet the abuse never even happened and you are trying to gain sympathy

2017-05-17 06_46_18-Noganoo - Hero_ Victim_ Menace_ And what about you_ — Steemit.png

2017-06-21 16_57_34-2017-06-21 16_47_08-Replies to nOgAnOo (@noganoo) — Steemit - Windows Photo View.png

Here is Pfunk 2 years ago violently attacking an article Noganoo wrote about Christianity, Pfunk at the time had no idea Noganoo wrote this! Pfunk is a hater of true Christians but aligns himself with the fake Christians so he can get more witness votes and doesn't lose support. Pfunk proceeded to individually message everyone that upvoted Noganoo and slander him and threaten them with loss of support if they continue to upvote his articles. Pfunk, Berniesanders and Ausbitbank costed Noganoo over 50,000 dollars in losses last year. Ausbitbank attacked Noganoo to impress his witness friends when Noganoo is the one who brought him to Steemit. He brought Noganoo’s reputation from 68 down to zero with stolen Steempower provided by JamesC

2018-02-14 03_25_39-.png

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. - John 1:5

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