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Child abuse is a serious crime. children will not know whether they are being abused. Elders must coach the small ones to recognize and stay away from people who speak certain statements.

Examples of such 'talk'. Children should learn to identify such people as 'bad' and avoid these people at all costs even if it is a close relative or a family friend.

  • Come and sit on my lap.
  • I want you to stroke my ear. My ear is paining.
  • Please rub my leg. My leg is aching.
  • Can I straighten your hair? It seems to be undone.
  • Let me tie your shoe laces properly.
The above statements are usual and you may be surprised to know that many a child has been abused because he/she was innocent enough to believe it.

Children should also be taught never to be lured by people who may attract them to watch cartoon videos on mobile and then be forced to watch porn videos. There are perverted souls who would try to damage the innocence of a child. Educate the children to be protective of themselves.

Advice to parents

  • Never leave your children alone with friends or acquaintances unless you are absolutely sure of their integrity
  • Educate your young ones to not allow 'touching'
  • Teach your children to confide in you about everything on a daily basis
  • Spend quality time with children
  • Set parental control on internet time, websites and supervise mobile usage
  • Parents should be a role model to their own children by speaking 'proper language' and behavior.
  • Always try to observe the child's behavior and whether there are any sudden changes or mood swings that could indicate a serious problem
  • Teach the children how to defend themselves if they are attacked. Enroll them in basic martial arts classes if they are up to it or teach them a few moves that would help them to escape.
  • Dress the children in appropriate clothes. They should not learn to fancy provocative clothes. The body is a temple which should be worshipped and not an item for cheap sales.

There are many tips which could be considered controversial for those who would like to argue but this is just a simple post with simple guidelines for parents and guardians and not meant to spark any arguments whatsoever.

Many parents would have had personal experiences of child abuse but never relate it to the children in such a way as to scar them for life. Children do not forget easily and they will remember such events which would make them afraid of almost all.

Childhood is the most wonderful phase of life. Let it not be destroyed by evil people whose intentions are bad. Same applies to teenagers too, even more so.


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Really one of the major topic which everyone should be aware of. People are getting cheap and don't have any sentiments while doing all these. Awareness is the only way we can fight through this. Thanks for making people aware. We should spread it as much as possible.

Thank you so much for sharing and yes, you are right. Some people have become so cheap that they don't think of harming children too

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This is definitely a great message for all the parents. Being careful is something that should be thought from a very young age. Good article @sayee.

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Thanks Bala. You are right

I am being very honest here this topic always makes me very uncomfortable and I tend to avoid that at times. The reason being the nature of human and how disappointed I am with such beings. But yhe worst I feel is when you think about the victim how one could make such a poor soul understand the what happened and to help him move on.

Even many adults find it difficult to get over issues and here is a child suffering from such abuse.


Yes and that is why I wanted to spread awareness. I see many young parents in malls and other places, dressing inappropriately themselves

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Those are mentally sick peoples and they are everywhere. Only way to save our children from them is by making our kids aware as well like you said.
Nice write👍

Thank you dear

good morning mate
well done good work

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