Please bench the following serial plagiarists @rabinbarman @muchu143

in #abuse2 years ago


These 2 are old friends and I apologise to the community for not having taken more decisive action earlier but let's please bench


They are serial plagiarists who specialise in google translating English posts into Hindi. Here are a few examples from each

These idiots even like to try and deny the fact they are stealing others content

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 14.17.27.png

Sort: thats the exact link he robbed I believe. If you google translate, he even uses the same words such as 'powerhouses'. If there is any spin at all, it is very very slight. Straight Plag as far as Im concerned.
Look down his curation rewards and he appears very friendly with @goaltarget.....and some others I will take a closer look at!!

These accounts have been sent to the penalty box.

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