Grumpy Reports Payouts Ledger 01/18/2018 and 01/19/2018

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It's PBT (Payback Time)

I have been searching for a way that I could give back to victims of @grumpycat. It's been hard because my initial thought would be to just contribute my own money and upvote until it made a difference. While it has yielded results, it's not been great.

Then enters @firedream. An upvote from @grumpycat allowed him to give back (poetically) to the victims of @grumpycat. It was always my goal to do just that, so I agreed to do the same. I am giving the proceeds from each Grumpy Report directly to those on the Grumpy Report. That is, those who are listed on this report will get funds from it.

01/18/2018 - 01/19/2018

Firstly, I apologize for being late with these returns. I actually got such miserable returns from the posts that I reinvested the amount to get a greater return; therefore, the amount I am dividing out is not the original amount from the posts, but the amount after reinvestment. Thanks for bearing with me and now I will disperse the funds to the following on this list:

The amount being dispersed is $13.475 SBD between 26 recipients. Each will get $0.518 SBD.

Recipients if you continue to upvote this post, I will send proceeds to you again in another ledger. Thank you.

Please do not upvote with a bot. If @grumpycat takes people's rewards, I'd like it to be my responsibility. Thank you.

Further, I will continue to upvote your posts as promised with whatever voting power is available to me.

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much for the SBD! It's amazing that people want to help like this. You are the best! :)

Thank you @r351574nc3, this was really cool of you to do!

This was very kind of you. Upvoting 100%. It's not much, but it's all I have. Let me know i there is anything further I can do.

Hi @r351574nc3 and very sorry for this late response! I've upvoted this Post with 100% and ReSteem. I know that it isn't much, but things like this can go unappreciated. I'm a happy man, but your kindness made my day a bit more happy. Thank you very much and hope that one day your account is big enough as @grumpycat :)

I am very happy to see I am not alone...
Thank you for this good job.

wonderful ,looking forward for a day like this too!! @r351574nc3

Thank you very much, best regards, @jfbl1984

Thank you

A beautiful gesture!

Take my 100% upvote and spread the love and freeeeeeeeeedom!