HAEJIN's friends NUKED a minnow's post today! Flagging a request for Peace is unacceptable.

in #abuse2 years ago (edited)

His goons: done, bcc and btu COMPLETELY Flagged and NUKED an offer of PEACE by a minnow today!!!!!


If Haejin is really a good guy, that loves the Steemit platform for more than just a quick buck, can he please go to the Post, upvote it and at least give a response: "no, thank you" or whatever!

Haejin, show Steemit that you are not a monster... Do the right thing.

UNDO the CENSORING that the goons DONE, BCC and BTU did! A few of your supporters say you HATE censoring. Prove them right.

$20-$25 was deleted from the Post. A 50% upvote will make this right.

I am sure that Haejin has seen this post already, even though he didn't give any answer other than these FLAGS. @em3 approached Haejin politely requesting Peace 2 or 3 times on Haejin's posts 3, 4 and 5 days ago.

Surely even Haejin's supporters would agree that NUKING a request for Peace is COLD and Unacceptable!!


I left comments on his Posts at least 4 times.

Of course I would welcome a kind gesture from him. But beware....or those accounts will flag you too. They show no regard for Peace nor differing opinions. As you said...they are trying to censor any opposing opinion.

You've got some balls my friend. I wouldn't go near that account, mention it in a post, or anything. This situation has gotten way way out of hand and I'm not sure how we as a community can do anything about it without cries of censorship, rewards pool be damned...10x a day is way too much and I don't know why certain whale or whales continue to support this with their votes.

How much is enough? How much does he have to earn before this stops? I get the feeling it's gonna go on until some more powerful force intervenes successfully. They're gonna have to have some serious firepower if they are to stand a chance against him, his henchmen, and supporters.

Resteemed!!! :) Thanks for all you do @public-eye!

Hopefully some sense will come to these jokers. This attempt censorship is negative for Steem!!

Thank you for the information and I will upvote you with this account to give you support!... The @friendsofgondor account will also resteem you! Thanks for the update and keep fighting the selfish and greedy!

I wish the hostilities would stop. I know you and @em3 and @fulltimegeek and the stewards of gondor all have much more constructive things to be doing. Thinking of you all!


BCC and BTU were flagging @fulltimegeek about a year ago, along with a whale at the time.

Haejin muted @em3. You can leave a comment on haejin's post.

What resource is this?

Can you give the link?

Greetings friend from venezuela excellent post I follow and vote

like that's going to happen. Haejin is the core of steemit, which is a pile of shit

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i looked at the accounts and all 3 have downvoted haijin at 100% a lot. The guy just got auto downvoted for mentioning his name. they are most likely just secondary accounts set up to upvote certain things and downvote anyone who even mentions haijen. Sorry for your loss.
you played yourself.bmp