Mass Account Creation – Steem Abuse?

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Hello Steemians!
Today I found something strange on steemd.
Within 3 hours there was a mass account creation with delegations from Steem. I found more than 100 cases.
Here are some examples:

Prefix “trunk”

Prefix “prefix”:

Prefix “hybrid”:

Prefix “routing”:

List goes on. There are only examples.
Full list was send to @steemcleaners.

We all want this platform to be filled with good content and to do so, we need more creative people. This kind of behaviour, not only blocks new accounts to be created but also seems like someone is trying to do some shady stuff. I’m leaving this to your attention.



suspicious indeed. i wonder what those are for.
i waited for weeks to get my account. that seems unfair.

I know what you feel. My friends are waiting too. That's why this stuff came to my attention.

That fact that I don;t really understand enough yet to identify potential abuse doesn't matter - the fact that YOU care enough to observe, alert, share, post and care about the future of STEEM and our blockchain is one of the things that will help to ensure it flourishes and grows. Kudos to you from Thailand.

I am with you there. What use case do you suspect it would be used for, spamming?

Could be that, or pushing a certain interest-idea-product-business? Or vote-payout manipulation. I'm far too new and uneducated in steem (today is day 44 only for me!) to say. :)

One simple answer - selling accounts. Creating lot of traffic in making them for free, so everyone is waiting long and I can offer selling them.

Second - every account gets delegation of 15SP. Take couple of hundreds of them, implement a script, and upvote one specific user to get money of reward poll.

Those are from the top of my head...

damn... makes sense

Here I've put some more examples of abuse.

It seems really very strange, thanks for reporting this to the steemians:)

This seems too obvious to be malicious. The names sounds like they could be used in programming functions. Perhaps these accounts will be utilized for SMTs or Hivemind.

First batch was blacklisted by @steemcleaners. I don't think that witness will not be aware of this kind of stuff (SMT or Hive). Since last 24h I've uncovered another 160+ accounts and reported them. Time will tell but my suspicion is farming accounts for sale, since there is high demand...we'll see...

Good to know @steemcleaners is doing their job!

I signed up one day and was approved the next, doesn't sound to high demand to me.

I have some friends who are now waiting for two or even three weeks for account. You were lucky ;)

This sort of behavior makes me a little cynical about the platform's future TBH, but here's to snuffing the abusers out of their den.

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can i please get a follow guys?:D

It's cool that there's people like you trying to weed out the bad. Keeping it legit! I'm not tech savvy so this kind of stuff flies over my head but I'm all for original and honest content. A GREAT content producer that's HONEST should win out in the end I feel. what do you think.

Yes, but we all have to watch for this kind of things. Also we have to look for spam, phishing, illegal content and shitposting here, because good content can increase network value and investors. Bad has very negative impact as everything on steem/steemit is public and open.

There are some strange guys out of the internet.

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