I inspired a young woman to create a LinkedIn workshop at her school.

in abuse •  last year 

This young lady's name is Blessing Adogame, a student at Drexel University!

Blessing reached out to me a few months ago sharing her idea with me and asking for tips on how to plan it.

She moved fast.

She assembled a team, developed an event agenda, reached out to speakers, and rallied students all across her campus, all within a matter of weeks.

She and her team went out of their way to educate and empower other students about the value of Linkedin and why it's vital that they become activated now.

This is why I'm thankful and proud to be and one of the many #studentvoices on this platform.

Blessing and her teams' efforts speak to the power of the platform and the importance for LinkedIn to continue making it a #safespace where students and young professionals feel they can express themselves and utilize it to level up in their careers.

Thank you, Blessing and team!

You inspire me.

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