STEEMIT "IDENTITY THEFT." HEADS UP: Someone is using my picture and posing as me as "Kafkanarchy82" in chat, saying all kinds of stupid shit. IT'S NOT ME.

in abuse •  2 years ago  (edited)

This "82" turd is not me. Please ignore and don't get it confused. I have a pretty solid idea as to who it is. I'll reveal his name in the comments as soon as I know for sure.

This "82" fellow is posting degrading/insulting memes about female users in Steemit chat.

Please RESTEEM and spread the word. Thanks. This stuff is bound to increase as the platform expands, so it's good to be aware.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.35.55.png

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I am glad that this wasn't actually you. I would be one of the females that got made into a meme. Have a good day, sorry this guy tried to mess with you.

Thanks. Glad this got sorted out. Still looking to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the guy who begain harassing you guys created the fake account, but cannot be sure.

Im fairly certain it is him, he (guy posing as you) posted a meme that the guy who you are assuming it was made. I have the meme if you'd like it. I was going to post it in his comments so everyone could see what an awful piece of human trash he is. I decided to be the bigger person and leave it be though.

Apparently one of his friends/followers was doing that (according to him). It seems he's done posting trash and let me know as much. I think I am just gonna let it be for now, too.

I got you on the resteem my friend

Cheers, @rawpride.

Someone trying to destroy your credibility. Fuck em man, you bring good content. Anybody whose read you're stuff won't buy it.


And THIS is why we need a built-in chat function.

Yes indeed.

What a nuisance!

That's crazy man. . . some people seriously have nothing better to do. It's too bad there are some in the movement that would stoop to these sort of levels to try to discredit you. It's pretty shameful.

Keep doing what you're doing and don't let them get to you. You're obviously hitting the right buttons . . . we need more people like you.

Anyone with any amount of sense knows that you wouldn't talk to people like that in a chat room . . . it's pretty ridiculous.

Thanks man.

Im sorry this is happening to you. Hope all works out.

identity theft on steemit! not needed.

Great information

Woah dude, thats messed up! I hope everything works out.

Aww shit, that sucks. I hope they stop....

who is those bloody man we r bycot those bloody person who cheat u and steemit comunity @kafkanachy84

Damn! What a fucking dickhead.

Hi I am a HUMAN BEING and NOT a Bot! (just thought you should know) Great info. thanks for posting - upvoted & following!

ohhhhhhhhh shit!


A great post is very useful extraordinary success always from @ abupasi.alachy

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

Glad it got sorted out. We don't need people discrediting voluntarism!

That's awful. I think we definitely need a built-in chat function into Steemit at some point. Resteemed

I am once again sorry that you were targeted. I know it isn't my fault per say but I know he targeted you because of me. I think he thought if he used your name what he said would have weight and had he really been you it might have.

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