Resteeming @haejin's 8th 9th and 10th post of the day as target to be flagged.

in #abuse2 years ago (edited)

@FlagTarget resteems @haejin 8th 9th and 10th post of the day as target to be flagged.

If you would like to contribute please follow this account and flag the lowest ones first.
Also check out older post as @haejin tend to self-vote as late as possible.


I'll be contributing every day for what it's worth.


Account Opened December 19, 2017. @BernieSanders started the #FlagWars on December 20, 2017, because of @RanchoRelaxo's huge upvotes for @Haejin. Haejin & Rancho thought they could hide all this money. I found it. Now get it back. It belongs to us. The good people of STEEMIT!!! It belongs to all the people he FLAGGED over & over. @NED what are you going to do about this?

4/22/2018 Currently Worth At 0.26 a share: $5,660,146.0422

$5.6 Million FUCKING DOLLARS!!! That's OUR STEEMIT MONEY that has been scammed!!!

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Great idea, thanks, hopefully this action rallies more people.

Wow never know resteem could be used in such constructive way!

No longer supporting #SteemFlagRewards. They did not like what we provided for them.

This right here #Hgin is why you will be FUCKED!!! Flags like this!!!

He can be very happy that its only after 7th post.
I am ready. All his posts are overvalued in my opinion.
So i can basicly flag everything.