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Abuse happens in all walks of life, all age, gender, race - everyone. Abuse happens in many different ways, from physical abuse incurred by family members, to emotional abuse given by loved ones, elder abuse for the vulnerable older population, neglect for the younger and older ones, financial abuse, among many others.

It is very disheartening to hear about it, especially when we witness one and we feel powerless about it. We want to do something about the abuse, but voicing out takes an enormous amount of courage, almost like an instinct surging out of us invalidating the fears we have for ourselves and for the abused.

However, in the modern world, reporting suspects of abuse can be as easy as dialing a few numbers on the phone. Or maybe talking with a superior when you are working, for example, in the healthcare sector.

There are signs that would prompt us to suspect of abuse. For instance, in the most abuse-vulnerable age of 2 years or below, recurrent injuries or accidents may raise the abuse flag. For example, broken finger/s. The most common would be round-edged circular burns on the child's body.

But a very subtle sign, which could mean a whole different thing, is a child that is despondent, usually among the toddlers up. They would appear withdrawn and quiet, and very reserved. They would look at their significant other, whether it be parents or guardians or other relatives, before giving an answer.

A controversial sign/s of abuse is a child having wornout old clothes. It could be a sign of neglect. They would be clingy as well. They could be crying for hours without being consoled by the parents/significant others. Diaper rash could also signal anyone to suspect of abuse for the poor child.

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