The Benefits of Morning Practices

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The Benefits of Morning Practices

"The early bird catches the worm" is a very interesting saying but can be even better used and understood when the light of spirituality is gently poured over it, taking out the commercial and greedy pressure it implies.

Surely we are all unique and valid! Everyone has their own traits, desires, impulses and wills. No one is the same, however inner growth is inherent to every Being in all realms, and it happens only when our self is conscious of being respectful, loving, caring, and knows how to maintain the inner balance. The first thing that must be done is to wake up for life!

Gratitude for life.

Start Slowly - Morning Light

There is no need to rush upon things. Feel the movement of the world and follow the pattern. There is nothing wrong about following patterns when they are good ones. Mornings come first, so that is the start point. Wake up early, mainly close to sunrise, if possible. If not, try and wake up at 6 a.m., or around it, and do the following:

  • Open your eyes and don't jump out of the bed immediately. Try and create, first of all, a conection to the ambient, making your body understand well the passage from the period of sleep to the period of vigil;

  • Try and keep a glass/bottle of water beside the bed and, after the period of recognition above, drink some of it, and let it refresh your body. This simple exercise cleans the body from inside, refreshing the cells and causing a comfortable sensation;

  • Get up and reach a window of your home and look at the sky. Just feel how good it is to be greatful for the life that surrounds us all. At this very moment, close your eyes and wish positive things to the Planet, mentally create a brightful violet aura around the Earth (10 minutes is sufficient);

  • After that, normally start your day feeling this increadible sensation of peace and love for every Being.

Evolving conscience.


Waking up early and practicing a method to grow our inner self is the best way to turn our minds into a peaceful place to come up with good actions during the day. Feeling the first sunlights reaching the sky and coloring it is a miracle that brings a smile to our soul and revigorates our body to continue our path of knowledge on the Planet.

The four steps mentioned above are simple things and they work really good for me. Surely I spend much more than 10 minutes in my morning practices as I do it for more than 30 years now. I began timidly and, today, this is something so natural and good that, when something makes me skip it, I feel like I am still sleeping, and I need my waking up every single day!

Picture credits: The pictures used in this publication can be found on these sites: Goal Cast, Valiant Living.

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