Money Is Like A River - If You Dam It Up, It Simply Drains Away | Pt 1/2

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As I am rewiring previous habits and perceptions over this year one of the most pressing certainly is my relationship to money and financial wealth. Money and I have never been on the best footing, there was a time when I saw it as outright "bad" after I found out all the shenanigans attached to our current debt-based monetary system of enslavement and artificial scarcity.

And while I am still not a fan of how the system is set up and how inefficient and inhumane it is in its mechanisms, I have since started to lead a healthier relationship with money and to view it simply as an energetic current of supply that the universe is currently favoring among human socieities slow to adapt new and better ideas.

Some of these I have already mentioned in my past article, talking about substituting scarcity mindsets with abundance mantras but there are some other ideas that work rather well:

And as my relationship to money changes, I find more and more that all the hijacking in the world could not and will probably never be able to screw that energetic current up for good, hence the following highly useful analogy a friend has shared with me recently relating to money and spending habits.

The idea goes like this: "Money is like a river. You shouldn't inpound it too much because if you do it becomes stagnant and starts to seep into the ground. Money has to keep flowing and you will have more. Most people go about this the totally wrong way, saving as much as they can and then wondering why they never seem to have enough..."

I marvelled!


Not only at the image that came at the perfect time in my life but also at the way he presented this idea as something that had long become most basic to his own life, a thing he hardly ever thought of any more in an active way. Until the topic came up and I asked.

And so, I find that I want to treat money more like water, allowing it to keep flowing in a semi-directed and conscious way, rather than hoarding every last bit trying to never spend anything. It needs to run down the valley with focus and shall not be held up in large quantities for too long. And guess what... I started finding that I have more money available than I originally calculated with, I find I have already paid bills that were a worry in my mind for months and I keep stumbling over little surprises finding out that there is still a 50 bill in an old pocket or on my freakin' paypal account.

It's not that we should aim to detonate the dam, but rather get used to letting the currency flow more readily while aiming to not inpound too much wealth that's incoming. If that makes any sense ;)

I will definitely keep track of this analogy and can say that I already feel less worried and way healthier when I am out spending my money on things in the confidence that new money will always come in to fill the "void". Maybe because I no longer see it as a void but instead as an opportunity to enrich other people's lives offering things I chose to support financially.

Magical universe, let it flow! I am finally getting it!


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Thanks for stopping by <3

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Yet another topic that you and I totally align in.

I have definitely improved my relationship with money over the last two years or so and my current love for it appears to be 'paying' off more and more. It almost seems like I have more than I can spend and you know what, crypto investing definitely plays a huge part in it :>)


ahaha good to know that this crypto thing eventually works. I learned a lot but am still figuring it out as I go. Traditional financies have improved though which is awesome, curious to see where it all goes

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