“Tears on Cheek of Africa” My Original Abstract Art

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My Original Abstract Art

“Tears on Cheek of Africa”

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The love with lands surrounded by
the Mediterranean sea to north,
Sinai Peninsula keeps a house with whom?
Suez and red having room.

Forest and her ancient folk
always in our feelings and talk,
All the mankind having so curious
You,more I think mysterious.

Beauty of her smile peeking, a truth
I know the truth, the truth.
The photographer committing suicide
never conceding the painful sight.

A monster throwing away foods
In the water, children of you
Crying crying for a grain.
The moribund acting his last sequence
Why? a vulture waiting, a question.

I love you, consider mother of lions
Smile revealing a secret, oh Africa!

enjoy :)

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awesome painting :)

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Really beautiful my friend @royalmacro congratulations, excellent poem

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