Genesis of music - Painting

in abstract •  last year

Genesis of music, acrylic and oil on canvas, 100 x 66 cm, 2017.



This painting was an experiment with acrylic gold underground. Tulln, 2017

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Very nice painting with lots of things to see; I came back to it a couple of times just to have a second look!


Thank you!

Great to let yourself go with such experiments - refreshing to see in contrast to the stiff and labored plotting that happens with many! There are inspirations found in this looseness, and you had followed a path to interesting results. Bravo!
Why am I so enthusiastic? Because that is my own preferred way to start a painting!
I shared it here ... and there:


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Thanks Otto! :) a golden machine :-)


Thank you Dennis! :)

wow nice art post..




Awsum painting ..
This type of art is very time demanding and hard work ..
Really very appreciative


have such a beautiful imaginative mind such grace and style.


Thank you @slowpath!