Timid Opacity

in abstract •  5 months ago

Timid Opacity

original poetry
  featuring the art of James McCarthy


a_country_house_garden_by_tolkyes-d6m460z 3.jpgstars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 2.jpg


under icy shade
  (ceiling forest,
day fragments melt
    columns of bark
         up               walls
         from crumbling
[termitic fodder:
                  eating antsy
  juniper sap
                        I coalesce


No one's request
I honor calmly   
With a narrative 
Of crawling         
They want a love story,
Refusing love's glorious arc
To bask in warvision,
Unable to perceive.
                  Since the world
                              revels in shallow darkness
  I give them flaws so cravèd.


an element,


their intersection,

their essential unity.   


of wandering,     

planetary paving.                      

grand vomiting cities,

passages of stone & ink}

vapid religions,      

spurious philosophies.

absurd tenets                         

held from a raveling rope       


from the cumulonimbus   



The world is               

a bold transparency


by mankind.

a_country_house_garden_by_tolkyes-d6m460z 2.jpg


the_old_ones_by_tolkyes-d6m46h9 3.jpggrn2.jpg

Poetry written
By @d-pend
Oil paintings
   By James McCarthy

I: "The Old Ones"
II: "Stars and Snow"
III: "A Country House Garden"

the_old_ones_by_tolkyes-d6m46h9 2.jpg


stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

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A tremendous piece of poetry divided into three parts, each with a different tone. The first gently undulates in a contemplation with a "shy opacity". The second prepares the way for the one who comes and advances that humanity has failed to give the true importance to sublime love, to the softness of images, to the power of love to heal, be and be in fullness; affirming that they are more distracted by the abject, the dark, although falsely manipulated to impact the human psyche in the knowledge that it likes to wallow in pain, sadness, wildness, tightness, low passions. Already, in the last part, overflows in that trumpeted about human taste and throws of images reveal disaster, chaos, stormy atmosphere:

from the cumulonimbus

Despotrinca against religions and false philosophies that keep man away from serenity and the appreciation of the transparency of being in communion with natural, healthy and uncomplicated life:

The world is
a bold transparency
for humanity

Excellent work, as always @ d-pend. I hug you!

very complicated, very multilevel for understanding and capturing the idea, very deep and very mysterious
pure psychodelic poetry, powerful and magnifiscent.


Thanks very much @taliakerch. I wanted to write something quite abstract, intuitive, with a few concrete symbols woven in, a bit of a puzzle. Really, it was an icebreaker to start writing more again after taking a bit of a break. :-D


In Russia we say: you can't lose your master skills even if you're overdrunk;))
It means, if you're a master, any time in any conditions you are a master;)

I know what you mean;) after a break it's really sometimes hard to do what we're used to, but just a pair of steps and brains start to work in a proper way;)

a puzzle! yeah, that is what your poems remind me;)

This is sophisticated @d-pend, never seen anything like this, the poem structure and pattern, the painting and the titanic new vocabulary, is this a new pattern you just coined?


Hey @josediccus! Just experimenting. Finally learned how to right align text properly, too. This piece was a bit scattered, convoluted, with a few bursts of clarity.

...a bold transparency/forgotten by mankind.

Beautifully put. Such vanity to think we're alone in the universe.

I hear the fall of the modern day Roman Empire echoing in these pieces... in tones both outraged and wistful. Lovely as usual @d-pend.

So happy to see a truly beautiful trending post

The poem is interesting just like the painting, I have a question because the writing looks so messed up is a mistake to upload the publication?


Glad you found it interesting. No mistake, it's meant to be that way :-) I like to use experimental formatting sometimes (usually when I write poems by hand on paper and later type them up to replicate it.)

I really liked the structure, but most of the rest went over my head haha

Wow, amazing poem and incredible works of art. So nice to find amazing posts like these here on Steem! Thank you for sharing, I will follow you and I'm eager to read mor of your writings, @d-pend :)

Are this real paintings?? Or just something else.. they are so so awesome.the writing just keeps track with them.. awesome post.. resteemed


Yes, they're oil paintings by James McCarthy, digitized. I just discovered him and thought the style went well with this poem. Thanks for the kind words and support @anishag!


Awesome work.. keep it up.. I will be highly obliged if you support me too.. anyways keep rocking..

Hi @d-pend I love your oil painting and touching poem, are you professional painter ? I followed and upvoted you, so I need your help to grow in steemit platform, please upvote me, thank you so much.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable writing post and his poerty just amazing and outstanding so keep it up..


@shucona Comment Analysis.
Some English Grammatical Issues.
Still LovePresence Plausible.
Good Day Human.