Recycling [Day 83]

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A smattering strewn
Through imaginary snowdrifts

   Crystalline pyramid slipshod
   Piecemeal prophecy

      Sidling up to the cusp
      Refracting a trail of comets

   Obsidian fragments smithed
   In a coronal anomaly

Detritus of decayed cosmogonies
Alchemized the conflictual fuel

        Feelingless estasy abating sorrow
        Irradiation of the ancients imploded

    Metallic swirls on the ocean
    Eyes watch unblinking

Lost in the revelation of beauty
Beyond symbols

            Found in the ineffable
            Reclamation of change

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space_and_particles_3_by_janrobbe-d5pqiya 2.jpg

Written by
@d-pend on 5/29/18
Fractals by

1 — "Space and Particles 8"
2 — "2001"
3 — "Space and Particles 3"

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8b3c675eadf36eabe619b9cf3c631b2c-d5pql80 2.jpg

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"Recycling" speaks to me of observing the internal movement, of gathering pieces and fragments, sometimes irreconcilable. But, more than anything, it talks about changes that point to the positive. Serene optics without clouds of extreme passion, soft relaxation that brings peace through the change of vision.
Greetings, @ d-pend. A hug!

Good Morning,

Well @d-pend, I was out from the poetry layer for some period due to other tough routine wise work. I am happy that I have come back ;)

I have said it repeatedly that you are one of the finest Poet of the platform and I always love reading your sonnets. Recylcing what an amazing level to put creativity and the awesome usage of the vocabulary actually made my morning more wonderful and pleasant.

Thank you so very much for all this awesome poetry. Stay Blessed :)

  • Salman

Your profile picture gives me a wonderful zen feeling.

Again a beautiful poem. I am so glad that you are back in your groove @d-pend. I love the imagery in the words and fell like flying. I couldn't paint it better than you wrote it.

And just when I forget the title I am brought down to my feet again at the end to be reminded this is really a cosmological recycling.

These words kept haunting me:

Irradiation of the ancients imploded

The ancient books talk of cities being totally destroyed.

I wonder if you read the mahabharata...

It is really too long to dissect but I've read parts of it translated to English. It is like an epic poem. As a college student I heard about it in Western Civ class but was not interested because I had fixed ideas of Hinduism and warfare. I could not see the nobility in any of it. Today I see some truth in it all and necessary to learn a little.

Some Indian sources say there are ancient radioactive ruins. They say it was caused by a bomb. Actually I don't think so. I think radioactive materials have always been on earth and didn't need any man made interference to set their course.

The more I read your poems the more I don't know anything and the more I try to figure out what the mean the more confused I am. It is only 18 short lines but it is still a riddle to me. I love it.

Very nice work!!

Your poem reminds me of the school chemistry classes for all the minerals you name XD is a joke, anyway I love your work

Amazing pics!

Beautiful lines and imagery @d-pend

Wonderful poem thanks for sharing such an interesting poem great thoughts :)