American Absinthe

in absinthe •  last year

This absinthe was made and bottled in Colorado. It's a verde, which means strong. It's high in both wormwood and alcohol (65%). It tastes almost like my favorite made in France, Libertine. It has a mild anise flavor. I recommend giving this American absinthe a try. IMG_20170722_184152.jpg

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Nice... I used to make my own absinthe before it was legal to buy it in America. Tasted like pure hell but it did the job right. Welcome to steemit!


Thank you for the warm welcome. I bet you homebrew absinthe tastes better than some ive had.


Probably some... I always put way too much wormwood in it to where it turned out a bright opaque green. I would try to mask the flavor with different herbs and stuff. Probably should have used anise. Sugar really helped.

Welcome to steemit hunny bear!


Thanx poppy bear. I love you.

Great to meet you @xyleanne69. I saw you mention this post on the PAL group. I had heard that American absinthe is weaker than the French models and do not promote hallucinations. Do you find that to be true?


I would have agreed till I tried this one. It's a high quality with enough wormwood. Also its very nice to meet you too.

very cool ! I do not know much about absinthe I have heard it has psychoactive effects, is this true? I've also heard they dont have the effects anymore or something like that . I've never tried it myself so I don't really know.


As my husband puts it, it gives a lucid drunk. You actually can become more creative. I think it's why so many famous artists a writers drank it often. I personally never felt any hallucination effects. I have known people who have. It would be the wormwood that causes that and depends on the individual.

Welcome to steemit hope you like it :)


Thank you. I love it. 😊

Cool! How much is that?


74.99. About 80 after taxes.