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When there are new people to crypto, they often ask "how do I get some"? Well, one simple way is to get a mobile app that enables you to purchase it using a bank account transfer or credit card. The one to feature today is Abra, by Plutus Financial Inc. It's a reputable mobile application for Apple iOS and the Android Google Play that supports buying, storing, and sending cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Try Abra Today to get $25 Bitcoin Free When You Buy $5 Worth! (Available Worldwide)

Here's the link:

To do this, just use this link and enter your phone number to have the download link sent. This will activate the $25 off promotion, just deposit $5 to activate it. This whole process takes less than ten minutes! Remember to write down the recovery phrase as this is a non-custodial wallet... so you must secure your own backup phrase (private key) for it.

Yes, this is available WORLDWIDE! After you use the link above to get the promo, you can read more about your region here:

They've also won some awards for their app:

Have you used Abra? What do you think of it. Leave a comment below.

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Is this app worldwide?


Yes! "Where in the world is Abra?
Abra is available worldwide.* Currently, people in more than 100 countries have downloaded and are using Abra wallets, and the list is growing every day.

Abra is a new kind of financial platform that enables access to new ways of making peer-to-peer payment, more accessible and easy to use investing tools, and eventually other forms of finance that will become enabled by cryptocurrencies broadly, and Abra’s unique technology specifically.

Abra is free to download and it’s super simple to set up a secure wallet."

I do not really understand. Are there instructions?


Do this:

  1. Click Link
  2. Enter phone number to receive text for app download
  3. download app
  4. create account
  5. add $5 to account by bank or card
  6. that is the qualifying transaction, you will get $25 as part of the signup

I got $30 of Bitcoin Only for $5 Using Abra Android App

Thank You @blockchainlib for Sharing Nice Info.


You're welcome!

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This sounds interesting but... $25 off what? is it a trading app? What's their product? Just an exchange or do they have some other product, I heard in a video review it can take 10 days to show in your account, I hope it doesn't take 10 days to buy or exchange crypto. Freebies and bonus incentives are always great though and a good way to get the word out... I'll look in to it more.


You basically get $25 free Bitcoin when you deposit $5 into the app (which you can use to buy crypto). Abra is a crypto wallet, do useful things such as send, receive, and buy. Critically, it's a "non-custodial wallet". Read more here:

Ohhh Good, i like this!


Great! It's an easy to use app, so it's actually worth recommending it.

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