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Hello, my name is Paul. You may know me from my YouTube channels Paul Programming and Learn Math Tutorials . I am a professional software engineer currently developing firmware for embedded systems. I have three bachelors degrees, in physics, applied computational mathematics, and computer science. Needless to say, I am a nerd. I have an abnormally strong passion for immersing myself in learning about things that are naturally complex. In addition to this, I immensely enjoy teaching and explaining what I have learned to anyone who will listen.

As of today, the majority of my teaching is on YouTube. I created almost all of my content while I was still in college. However, since graduating, I have found it very difficult to maintain a schedule and environment which allows me to make video content. As a result I have been seeking out other outlets that allow me to share what I have been learning , as well as the things that I find interesting. (Not to say that I am done with YouTube. I truly hope to make more videos in the future). At the same time, I have have been very fascinated with blockchain technology, specifically Ethereum. Naturally, between my quest to find other outlets which allow me to share my knowledge and my new passion of blockchain technology, I stumbled across Steemit which not only allows me to share my content in a clear and easy manner, but also is based on blockchain technology. What else could a nerd who loves explaining ask for!

I am looking forward to creating some great content in my areas of expertise. In an attempt to simplify organization, I am planning on sharing math, computer science, physics, blockchain technology, and anything else I find interesting on this blog rather than splitting it up into multiple channels as I have done in the past. As a result I have chosen the somewhat humorous, yet very applicable username VeryScience which I first saw in a Dogecoin video. After all, I did not list English as one of my degrees :)

Hope to see you here again soon. I look forward to posting some great educational, nerdy, sometimes humorous, awesome content!

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Hi! Glad that we have some other math and science nerds around. I need to get back to more math blogging. I invite you to follow my cryptography 101 class. My goal is to introduce basic notions of group theory (done), some ring / galois theory (although, not necessariy related, but useful if anyone wants to start using algebraic cryptography), and lead into ring cryptography.