All About me- NEW TO STEEMIT!

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Hey all,

Welcome to my first ever post on Steemit!
OMG WOW!!! So COOOL.... (said no-one, ever.)

I know right?

I've been following a lot of crypto chat and TA charts on steemit and decided that I would finally make an account so I can start commenting on people's posts with questions/opinions and also blog some of my own stuff.
So now to the part where I talk about me...

I'm 24 years old, living in Australia and keen to get something up and going on the steemit page, it seems there's an awesome community here so I'm excited to get onboard!
I was in the middle of a Mechanical Engineering/ Science Bachelors double degree until I decided about 6 months ago to leave it behind completely and start my life in a completely different field of gaming, crypto trading, sports betting and also woodworking/steel fabrication as a hobby. (I'll speak about the reasons why I left in another post shortly as that has a whole story to it on its own.)

So that brings me to here, I'm always amazed at what the internet world has to offer and because of this, I get these huge rushes and I just can't sit still (well technically I do sit still at the computer... but you catch my drift), hence why I've just made a steemit account.

Anyway, majority of my posts are going to be about crypto talk and also sports betting (and maybe some woodworking creations/designs and build-blogs if anybody seems interested in that and maybe gaming?). I'm still quite fresh with my TA so please bear with me.

I'm excited to be here and hope you guys will be happy with my content! Please let me know in the comments if there is anything that you'd like to know about me or feel free to tell me about yourself and what brought you to steemit.

I'd also like to add that I really appreciate feedback from the public, anything constructive or even if you think it sucks, let me know so I can grow and learn from it. (However if you think it sucks, I think you suck and I'll tell on you to your parents! Pulling out the big guns!)

Have any suggestions/advice for my blog or want particular sports to be covered?
Hit me up fam!

Remember to follow to keep updated on my blogs/latest tips!


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