as stated

in about •  18 days ago  (edited)

its a bit advanced, avant-garde borderline weirdos only but

a great example to me

broadcast error huh

about three times live i think

Satoko-samo .. Fuji-dono ? moved on but it will forever stay with me

makes coleman look a noob, check the artistry on that and try not to break your fingers

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id put a vote on it but im not sure the bots will be delivering, half of them are marketeers, they would take an occasion like this to say "steemit dunnit" ... so

but it still proves my point, most of it is random and 99% is mister handshake-day

maybe its a more familiar environment, trust no one, dont give your money or the key to your wife to anyone or they will fuck you, it and run off with all of it

beats twitter by a lightmile

mmh, here i can see from a distance who's trying to crawl over which wall

there i got all those people who are hicks like me pretending ?


this is just more cutting edge

if you find something better let me know

web 4.0