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At South East Asia, there is a country named " Myanmar " also known as Golden Land. Why Golden Land ? There have a lot of golden Pagoda .

Okey ! It is why of the name golden land.


And There are a lot of fastival in these country . There is a fastival in a month and 12 fastivalsin a year. The famous is water fastival .It is from April 13 th to April 16 th , today is the last day of fastival.


Now I am writing about Pterocapus and It has a relationship with water fastival.Because this Pterocapus can be seen in the period of water fastival.Why?


In April , there is a little rain and that is the beginning of the rainy season . When the rain is falling on the Pterocapus Tree , the Pterocapus flower was born with beauty in a period of a little hours.


Yeah ! that is a relationship of Pterocapus flower and Myanmar Water Fastival . See my all friends how these Pterocapus flower how beautiful .
Thank to all Steemians

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