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Abelia x grandiflora is a medium sized semi-evergreen shrub, growing to around 2m, with arching branches, bearing small glossy oval leaves and clusters of pale pink, slightly fragrant flowers over a long period from mid-summer.


These shrubs have attractive foliage, which partially accounts for their longtime use in the landscape.


The evergreen abelia has red foliage throughout the summer, becoming even deeper and more brilliant in autumn through winter.


Flowers offer several bursts of bloom from spring to fall, with clusters of fragrant and frilly pink and white tublar flowers.


The glossy Abelia plant grows in a variety of soil types, but responds best to a fertile soil amended with organic material.


Little is needed with regards to the care of these shrubs, though regular watering improves performance.


Thank you @ctrl-alt-nwo for such an informative blog.