Hidden Body Transfer Tunnel Under Abandoned Asylum

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One of the best things about urban exploration is finding things that are written about, but seen as myths by most people. Not only finding but proving an "urban legend" as true. Last night @mikeheinhold and I achieved just that!

The remaining abandoned buildings of an insane asylum built in the late 1800's that we have explored several times in the past, has many stories surrounding it. About the horrors of the treatment of inmates, ghost stories, and most relevant to the story of ours last night, hidden underground tunnels.

It is an undisputed fact that the hospital used a series of underground tunnels for many reasons. Moving food from one building to another, nurses and doctors coming to and from work and even to transfer some of the bodies of people who died in the hospital. It is said that all of these tunnels have collapsed or have been sealed off and we have even found a couple of them that are collapsed, but last night by pure chance we found one that wasn't!

We where in the area of the abandoned asylum and decided to go check it out (It is always a great explore) and saw a building that Mike had never been into before, open. We ventured inside wondered what this building was used for. Completely empty and very decayed it showed little promise of giving us any hints. We made our way to the basement and found an entrance to what looked like a tunnel. Could it be? We both lit up with excitement and went inside.


We both sat in amazement discussing the tunnel and quickly realized that it was used for transferring the bodies of those who had died in the asylum. We also noticed a large difference in the temperature, it was a warm evening but in the tunnel it was cold enough to see our breath.

We continued on slugging our way through the water, mud, and other rotting derbies under our feet until we did find that it had been walled off with cinder blocks several hundred feet into the tunnel.


Hitting our literal brick wall we turned around and went back into the building and would medical paperwork strewn across the floor. For x-rays, blood work and even proper disposal methods of deadly diseases including Ebola and Monkey pox.


And if finding tunnels that where said to be a myth wasn't exciting enough, right when we decided that it was time to leave. We noticed a group of teenagers outside and two of them start to run. We slipped out the entry/exit point to find the ones that didn't run standing with police. The kids had been trying to break into another building on the property and got caught. Number one rule of urbex, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints. They ignored this rule and suffered the consequences of doing so.

With the police occupied with the teenagers, we slipped off into the night with photo's and video in hand. Stayed tuned for the video of the explore it is going to be a great one!

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