AAR EUIV: Vijayanagar #1

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We are back as Vijayanagar.
Paradox released their latest Europa Universalis 4 DLC: Dharma
Everything about India.
So we go ahead and play a bit in that region.
No set goal, just having fun, nothing serious.

We are the strongest nation on the subcontinent.
Should be an easy task to own all of south India before we move on towards the north.

But why not take at least one ally up there.
You look good, Jaunpur.

Bahmanis holds 3 of our core provinces, we want them back.
So let's start a war.

That was an easy, but costly one.
We gained 3 provinces, but our manpower is now at 0.

Without any manpower we still attack our next neighbour.
Picking them of one by one.

All provinces are under siege by my troops at that point.
What is Kochin trying to achieve? they will never get any.

The next victory and gain of another 3 provinces.
India will soon be ours.

If we can vassalize them, we do it.
In 10 years they will be annexed anyway.
The Tamil groups will instigate some trouble in the future I fear.
The other option would have been +10 Unrest in every province.

Another minor nation vassalized.
If we keep up that pace, the European colonists are in for a surprise.
And our first vassal is now integrated in our glorious nation.

As one can see, we threatened war over the province of Kandy and got it without one.
But with that nation it didn't work, they have only one left. So we declare war.

We have no siege capabilities.
This one takes 33 days for one tick.
But of course in the end we won that one, too.

Well, I thought, this is a weak nation, better attack it, while it is on the ground.

Looking good, losing already a huge amount of soldiers there.

But I attacked one of their armies without a general.
And I lost that battle.
Now they are on the run.
I am still better in manpower and soldiers.
But to get that defeat back will be very annoying and tiresome.
That's why I stopped there.

This was a fun one, the new DLC plays well and makes India interesting with more missions and everything worked out there.
I will keep on playing for a while, until @lunaticpandora drags me into another game

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It's a bit too soon for me for another India game. For our next game we should either try something deeper into east Asia or Mare Nostrum before the changes in HoI4 until we are done with our CK2 generation game :^)

I am just colouring and playing around with the new mechanics :)

Mare Nostrum means heavy on navy, so maybe no.
Deep into Asia.
China? Can they join the axis? Or hold out against Japan?

Can China hold against Japan? You should check out their focus tree :-D They even have a focus to annex/puppet Japan if they manage to defeat the forces on the mainland. (in vanilla, Its probably even crazier in road to 56)

We have a candidate.
Land Power and early action. If that isn't a good mix, I don't know:)

Agreed :-D there's so many ways to go about playing China! We could do fascist china or fascist china or fascist china... JK lol

We could do fascist china, communist china, they have the option to form their Chinese united front thing too, tons of possibilities for expansion if we manage to fend of the Japanese.

This time we could narrow down the path a bit more.
You prefer the fascist branch, so we could head there.
Otherwise it will strand off to far to early both our Gameplays.

Going fascist was a joke, you don't even need to go fascist to win there because the war gets declared on you, It would be cool to win without outside help.

Define outside help.
Joining factions or receiving guns?
Stay factionless and alive as common goals? :)

@isnochys wow! Really nice game. What is it's name? I played age of empires, rise of nations etc and like to play these kind of simulation games. I wanna play it too man. Plz give me the link. Is it on android or pc? I am from India too and run a photography blog. Nice to meet you mate

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It is on steam, for PC only.
Just click on the link provided above in the text.

Thank u .. I will play

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