The Click - that moment of transformation

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Between The Flinch and The Flow lies The Click.

Between Fight or Flight lies a Click.

Between the Neophyte and the Apostate there's a Click.

Where an Aha! moment solves a problem, a Click changes the question.

It is both revelation and revolution.

It is also quite merciless insofar as there is no way to reverse it - there is no anti-Click.

The Click cannot be manufactured or negotiated into existence; it cannot be pleaded with or bought.

It is not an aim or a target, nor an item on an agenda or a to-do-list.

It may be seen as an act of grace or a stroke of luck - or a misfortune.

It remains an essentially mysterious process, a psychic phase change, a brainstorm.

The Zen koans are a great repository of Click-tales, but of other people's experiences - you need to find your own personal koan.

And how does one do that? Well... that will be the topic of most of my new posts.


Honestly, I don't think there is one single recipe that will work for everyone - we are all individuals and will have different problems and triggers. On the other hand, we are also all humans and so there should be some set of principles - a protocol - that will work whatever the starting point. We shall see.

I've started reading "In Pursuit of Valis, Selections from the Exegesis [of] Philip K. Dick", edited by Lawrence Sutin. Thanks to @personz for leading me down that particular warren. For now, I only wanted to highlight that in both his fiction and mystical writings, PKD focused on two fundamental questions: "What is real?" and "What is human?"

The questions may seem too philosophical, too intractable - too big! But, beneath every personal problem there will be a private version of one of these questions that is both meaningful and important... and Clickable!

The fun is in finding out!

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Nice, meaningful and important yes. Hopefully clickable.

I try sometimes making things a bit click-bait-ey but I also make it relevant, so it's not really click bait. But still could be considered it. I don't do that often though. I just try to be catchy,and hopefully people will find value in it.


I couldn't resist the little pun! The subject could warrant a whole book, so I think it perfectly OK to spread it across articles. This also seems a quiet time online, with the holiday period, so also preparing some groundwork for the new @aakom account.

Thanks for your comment.


I liked the pun!


That sound like a legit plan.

I checked out the post about what Aakom is. I thing I have a few stories I could contribute to that tag. This should be an interesting tag :)

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