Take part in a quick Creativity and Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) study online

in aakom •  11 months ago

Interesting bit of research! One bit of advice to make the outcome even more interesting: write down each answer you type in, then write down every word that appears in the second part of the test.

I can't say too much else about the ultimate aim of this so as not to spoil it!

However, it is obviously a study in parapsychology, especially on ESP and how it may manifest.

It does only take 10-15 minutes and is word-based, so they would like native English speakers only. However, thinking about the purpose behind the test, it shouldn't make any difference, so long as your English is good enough to read this article!

Have fun!

And let us know what you think afterwards.

Link to original call: Take part in an on-line Creativity and ESP study.

Direct link to the study: click here

Please comment, upvote and resteem. Thanks!

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Just got done :D

It was an interesting experience.
That said, truth be told...I felt more engaged in the first half where a bunch of more personal questions were being asked. Perhaps if there'd been some kinda system that more or less categorized the data gathered in some sort of user-friendly way, specific to your responses that was then presented to you, it'd have felt better.

Nonetheless, it was still a pretty fun exercise :)

Also, the part where you gotta utilize internal auto-visuals really taught me a few things about myself XD

Anyway, cool find :D


That's funny - you found the screening questions more interesting?!

I'll have to repeat it and see if the questions change, and to take my own advice of writing down the answers.


That's funny - you found the screening questions more interesting?!

Ikr XD
Go figure...although it may just be me. I have this weird tingly (nice) feeling that comes over me when going through any kinda 'screening phase' the likes of this. Happens when someone does that whole palm reading thing, happens when I'm asked a bunch of questions to divine spiritual traits or whatever, or even in certain participant-customized quizzes like the kind you find on Youtube. I quite like it...never could figure out why.

That said, maybe I found those better because the first set of trials had us find common words shared by all three that were provided, and I got maybe about ten or twelve of em' and missed the rest, and the second had us use internal audio-visual to get through it, and the stuff I came up with was a little too difficult to accurately describe in single or triple word phrases, so I kinda started running outta space to write on the paper I was using.

I'll have to repeat it and see if the questions change, and to take my own advice of writing down the answers.

Lemme know what you find :)


A further theory that might potentially hold true is that the exercise was in part timed, and in part had us journey within (kinda), so we could allow ourselves to perceive our own immediate visuals.

I just generally feel more pressured when under a time constraint, so the output of my efforts is the result of a rushed attempt to make sure something is okay rather than my typical, measured approach to ensuring something is perfect, which may not be something the test might've considered if this applies to more people.

The other thing is that if I'm listening to the senses below the eyes under closed eyelids (what I did while divining whatever it was that I was visualizing), I don't like cutting back and forth between that and an open, interface-with-world mode. Feels challenging, like having to continuously go from 1st to 4th speed in a car or something. There's a bit of mental workout involved.