Introducing Bitberry - A unique cryptocurrency wallet

in #aaa10 months ago

Bitberry is an easy-to-use mobile crypto-currency wallet that allows you to send, receive and hold many tokens including @steemhunt's HUNT token. I downloaded Bitberry to give it a try and everything seemed to work smoothly. Below you can see a transaction from when I sent myself 0.01 HUNT Tokens from my MetaMask wallet to my Bitberry wallet.


The UX is simple. You can log in to your Bitberry wallet using a google account. A phone number is used for remittance purposes. There are no transaction fees between Bitberry users, or for those sending transactions via phone numbers.


Bitberry has different tiers of transfer limits, as seen in the screenshot below. In order to transfer $10,000 or more, you will need to verify your identity.

Try Bitberry yourself by using the links below!

Download in the iOS App Store:

Download in the Google Play Store: