Movie Review: OMG – Oh My God!- A fantastic film with nice message

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As promised I am back with another movie review and I'll be sharing this review post about a movie called OMG: OH MY GOD. This is a comedy-drama film starring Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal which was released in the year 2012. This is stories about shopkeeper food shop was destroyed due to earthquake so he takes to the court and asks for the compensation.

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Akshay Kumar played the character of Lord Krishna also known as Krishna Vasudev Yadav
Paresh Rawal as shopkeeper Kanjilal Mehta
Mithun Chakraborty played the role of Leeladhar
Govind Namdev as Maharaj Siddheshwar

film story

This story is about A shopkeeper KANJILAL MEHTA who is running the shop and an accident one day because of an earthquake which shop is destroyed. He had taken insurance for the shop and when we go for the claim then insurance company rejected with the reason that its act of God and claim cannot be paid out so with this reason company rejects his claim for the loss in the shop.
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Because the claim is not successful so he is very upset and then he goes to court file case against God because the insurance company had rejected the claim with reason act of God. When Kanji Lal Mehta files case in court then he has to face a lot of regional problems from the communities and temple authorities because this is connected to everyone sentiments they don't want kanji to file the case. despite all these problems he did not give up and he keep on fighting through various evidence and sharing his reasons.

This case is going on and Krishna himself come to meet Kanji Lal Mehta and he advises Kanji lal to take media help and make this case more popular so that more people get to know about it. During this case, religious people and organizations try to kill kanji al Mehta but Vasudev Yadav helps him and save his life. Kanji says that no god will make any person suffer in this word because that person is not following God. If God exist then he will only help the people and not create any further problem for them so in this case if God has done something wrong then he should pay for it.

Now when these religious people see that if they don't pay off the balance then can she will expose them in front of media which will not be good for them so they decided to pay it off and that's not all even there are many people who are facing the same problem from the insurance company also claim the amount and that is also prepared by these religious organizations.

This movie comes with a great message that we should believe in God but in the name of God we should not make people suffer or take advantage of them.

Songs and Music

Music is given by Himesh Reshammiya and Meet brothers and songs are nice. Songs like "Go Go Go Govinda" and "Mere Nishaan" are my favourite.

This movie is written by Umesh Shukla, Akshay Kumar and directed by Umesh himself. Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal have also produced this film along with Ashvini Yardi.

Cinematographer- Shriram
Editor- Tushar Shivan and Rajesh

This film is only in Hindi language. It was released on 28 Sep 2012 with time duration of 130 minutes. The cost of OMG movie is 20 crore and total revenue collection was over 180 crore INR. In terms of business, the film did pretty and considered as a blockbuster.

I am impressed with the story and concept of the film. This film will make you realize the reality of today and you will learn a lot so that you can stay aware of such scenarios.

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