Lionheart (Obiagu)

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The movie "Lionheart" portrays the typical Nigerian family setting where either of the parents preference for one of their Children is way beyond the love for others due to some factors exhibited especially "brilliance" as seen in the movie.
Adaeze (Genevieve Nnaji) played the role of Chief Obiagu's (Pete Edochie) only Daughter.

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She was a brilliant, hardworking young woman whose interest in
the Father's company was inspired by her closeness with her Dad and his ill health which needed a heir to be at the fore in the family business dealings.
Obiagu's family is famous in the transport industry in Southeastern Nigeria with their transport company named "Lionheart". The family encountered a financial crisis and has to be saved by Adaeze whose adroitness was so amazing. Together with Godswill (Nkem Owoh) her Uncle, the family company has to be revived.

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Chief Ernest Obiagu (Pete Edochie), the patriarch had to sit on the sidelines to watch his Daughter and Younger Brother revive his Company after a brief health challenge incapacitated his business prowess and shrewdness. Nursed by his wife, Abigail (Onyeka Onwenu), who guards closely.
Although, Lionheart's pilot focus was targeted at the Obiagus and their financial troubles, it depicts the family's tough waxed love and union than just it's dwindling business empire.
Following her disappointment with her father's initial choice to her in entrusting the family business empire, Adaeze, with Abigail her Mother as her adviser, had to brace up for the challenges ahead to save the family business from wolves in the form of a business rival Igwe Paschal (Kanayo O. Kanayo) who bought the interest of an insider from Lionheart Transport Company Managerial team to his side.
Lionheart's pairing both Genevieve Nnaji and Nkem Owoh both with decades of experience and the zeal to spur magical brainstorming session in reviving the family business shows confirms the assertion

Two heads are better than one.

Godswill (Nkem Owoh)'s comic shenanigans created a balance with Adaeze's seriousness and pressure in taking the necessary steps in sealing a business deal with the Alhaji from Kano.


Lionheart was revived and bounced better when a contract deal was signed between the Obiagu's and the Maikano's another transport company based in Kano.

Sexismin the movie spurred from Adaeze's competence over her Brother and the only son of Chief Obiagu (Role played by Phyno)
Although, Chief Obiagu's only son had a great musical talent also.

The dinner scene from the Movie strikingly visualizes the amazing exhibition of Igbo culture and display of family harmony.
Style and simplicity between Alhaji Maikano from Kano and Chief Ernest Obiagu from the Southeast shows there is unity in diversity.
The need for comity among Nigeria's ethnic groups and diverse classes was well illustrated from the movie.
The closeness between Alhaji Maikano's son and Chief Obiagu's Daughter (Adaeze) shows that despite difference in culture and ethnicity, love can still prevail.

Great movie though, but more intercultural blend between the Hausa's and the Igbo's represented by both Alhaji Maikano and Chief Obiagu families would have made the movie more amazing with "Peace message" passed to viewers.


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