Mr. Sunshine Netflix by Lee Byung-hun

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From the first episode you can see that Mr. Sunshine is an export product of South Korea. And not just any, because the highest quality. This is evidenced, for example, by the involvement of stars also known outside this small country and artists who already have more than one hit on their account. A huge budget translates into good special effects and beautiful photos. No wonder Netflix became interested in the production. In this situation, there can be only one verdict: it will be a hit.

Mr. Sunshine shows the fate of the inhabitants of the Joseon kingdom from the turn of the century. On the one hand, we have the perspective of Yu-jin - a man who had to flee to the United States as a child. This took place in 1871 during an American expedition to Korea. After years, he returns to his homeland as an American soldier - Eugene Choi. On the other hand, we observe Joseon through the eyes of a young aristocrat Ae-sin, who believes in rebuilding the former power of her homeland and freeing herself from the influence of colonizers.