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Vital Information for Crypto-hunters... What Ron Paul On Dollarvigilante Did Not Say

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We are in this mess because governments keep promising all these impossible welfare/socialist programs that they cannot pay. And they use debt and inflation and the power to tax to keep themselves afloat for another day. The power to tax and inflate is the power to destroy. This is wealth destruction on a phenomenal scale. We are forced by law (and the barrel of a gun) to accept fiat currency that depreciates. Since we are forced by law to use the crappy fiat money, how is it our fault?

Bitcoin is completely voluntary. With your self made title you should at least appreciate that. No one is forcing anyone to use bitcoin. People freely choose to use it because of its superior qualities over fiat currency. More and more people are using bitcoin because it is a wonderful alternative to what the state offers. 2.3 billion dollars worth of bitcoin was transacted in the last 24 hours. Its use is growing very rapidly now. Segwit has just activated which means so much more scaling and functionality is coming in the near future. The next few years look very bright for bitcoin indeed! Why not hop on board and buy a little bit and watch it grow?

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Wealth/materialism is a total illusion and physics has proven this many times.

watch it grow....

just like watching money grow on threes? Yes we can buy gold and Bitcoin with fiat money but the problem is that 60% will be left holding the bag and you want to feel safe when that many people are on the brink of poverty...

and wait for the fiat bust, and the wealth transfer into the bitcoin ... at the expenses of billions of people. You are so hypnotized by "following the money" that you dont even pay attention to WW3 around the corner, nor the very likely possibility of a cyber 911.

have fun thinking that you are "protected" by a NSA scheme while neglecting the whole...

Approximately 62% of Americans have no emergency savings for things such as a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair, according to a new survey of 1,000 adults by personal finance website Faced with an emergency, they say they would raise the money by reducing spending elsewhere (26%), borrowing from family and/or friends (16%) or using credit cards (12%). CBSMARKETWATCH 2015

Yes, most people don't make their lives better. It takes effort and denying yourself instant gratification to save money and invest. Most people won't do what it takes to become better off financially. They will bitch and moan about their situation. You can see them on the internet demanding universal income.

You cannot make people's decisions for them, but you can make your own life better. You can choose to use and save a depreciating asset like fiat currency, or you can use an appreciating asset such as bitcoin, or gold. Using an appreciating asset will make your life better.

Wealth is real. Physics proves it. If you hold more of a scarce resource, you are more wealthy. Gold is scarce, and bitcoin is even more scarce. It is physics that gives gold its special properties that make it valuable.

As to war, it is and has always been with us. A sad reality.

Several times you have claimed that bitcoin is some sort of government ploy or way to trick people. You have ZERO evidence of this. It is just your desperate attempt to smear a completely voluntary and transparent system that will make people's lives better. Why are you so negative? You twist all of our advances into some sinister conspiracy. Snap out of it! People are capable of creating good things.

Bitcoin takes advantage of the law of supply and demand. Last year, the amount of bitcoin mined was about 3% of the total. So, an inflation rate of 3%. The amount of people using bitcoin increased by 100% in the last year. So demand is far outstripping supply. This automatically leads to explosive price rise. This will not go on forever. I estimate we will have 5 more years of incredible growth, followed by 10-15 years of decelerating growth. Eventually, bitcoin price will mirror population growth.

Now you can take advantage of this, or you can complain and bitch and moan about it. My guess is that you will complain and bitch and moan. And become more and more jealous of people who decide to make their lives better.

Several times you have claimed that bitcoin is some sort of government ploy or way to trick people. You have ZERO evidence of this.

that is HOW bad your irrational optimism is.... zero evidence or you do not want to read it? In the lesser case, the NSA can crack/hack ANY cryptocurrency.

HOW TO MAKE A MINT: THE CRYPTOGRAPHY OF ANONYMOUS ELECTRONIC CASH National Security Agency Office of Information Security Research and Technology
Cryptology Division 18 June 1996

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How bad is your zero proof of anything you claim?

That link you provided is an outline of what cryptocurrency is, it not a reference to how NSA can hack any cryptocurrency. Do you even read the links that you provide?


P.S. My prediction was right, you continue to complain... :-D

you really think the that the top is stupid, dont you... that is why your mind is tainted with irrational exuberance. We have millennia of economic manipulation but now it is different.... :) The top is several decades ahead... you are naive because you underestimate the fact that they DEVELOPED cyptocurrencies, hence know how to HACK them all as a result.

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Ok, we agree that you have zero proof bitcoin can be hacked.

Next claim: 'the top" has created bitcoin.

You have ZERO proof of that.

Do you ever get tired of spewing nonsense? Do you have any integrity at all? Do you even care?