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Maximum Capacity - Some Thoughts about Depression

in psychology •  last year

Dear@suesa, you are a brave person to come out and talk about your condition. I think we all aware of this years world health day slogan - "Depression-lets talk" . If we seek help to analyse, we all have depression of some form. But it all depends upon the gravity and triggering factor. Sharing what you feel - is a already good sign that you are better than before posting this message. People with greater form of this condition usually dont do this as they feel self "worthlessness" and nullicity. From what i can see , you are already a step closer to out of this condition if you have been diagnosed appropriately.there must be a triggering factor to why you are feeling this way. Although my speciality is in eye surgery,I do also have patients who go into great depression when their diagnosis is such that no modern technology can restore their sight. Even they can be shown a pathway to happiness and normality with whatever vision they have has been, is and will always be a constant batttle. As long as you dont lose hope, you always stand high and proud. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards.

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