170% profit for sponsors!

in a-bot •  7 months ago

We are restoring after HF20, and there are changes in rules:

  • 170% profit! Curation amount returns back in daily basis, plus, starting from Oct 1, I'm (@drorion) returns 50% of its payment back to the bot (from 55K SP)
  • Switched from each round sponsor payments to daily!

Why is it good for promoting?

  • Minimum ROI is -5%
  • Maximum ROI is 20%
  • No spam in comments from bot
  • No tags restriction

Promote your posts

Check current settings on the Steem Upvote Bot Tracker and send bid using usual way with URL in the memo.

Delegate now

100 SP 250 SP 500 SP 1000 SP Custom SP

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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You got a 28.81% upvote from @oceanwhale courtesy of @drorion! Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @oceanwhale. Visit www.OceanWhaleBot.com for details!

You got a 55.48% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @drorion!

Hello. I transferred 0.4 steem to your bot from @vitranc account to upvote a post on @apvotefromme account. Your bot comfred a transaction but there was no upvote. https://steemd.com/b/27443742#7940572c22281f987e0f1170d0e912aef778a7bc Can you check what happened and refund. Thank you.

hello, I have sent you a bid of 1.5 steem 3 hours ago and you said bid is confirmed and I did not get anything txid:bea52e5aa21679f1f854ef6b2c7103c808bc05ab (please check)


I know that sir it is another bid
not the bid you are talking about


I am talking about this bid 3 hours ago
not the recent bid from 1 hour ago


I hope you got it


Refunded, sorry.

Connection issues to API server


Hello a-bot
Is it possible to delegate just 10 steem to try your service? The 100% daily rewards sounds great!

Oh yes .... and how do we un-delegate Steem... If one wished to!


Sure, 10 STEEM can work too.

To un-delegate, delegate 0 STEEM

Hey @a-bot, I am a unique content writer. But you blacklist me. I request you, unblacklist me. You can check my blog. Thank you so much.

I have sent you a bid of 1.5 steem 4 hours ago
and did not get an upvote or refund
please check
maxresdefault (1).jpg


refunded. Sorry, API problems

missing vote again !!!!


Refunded it too.
There was another problem. Your post was too old for the bot, but it was fine when you sent the bid.

We have limit post age in 2 days.

What does it mean 100% reward? Does it mean 100% of author and curation profit? How much profit in daily if I delegate 10000 SP average these days?


Hi @pearltwin

We are returning 100% of STEEMs and SBDs sent to bot for post promotion. We are not powering down, so curation profit stays on bot account. It increases the return for delegators, because its SP is using for promotion too.

But, at the moment, a-bot owner @drorion is returning every day 20STEEM from his profit to the bot. Which is more than curation reward.

I delegated more than 150k to a bot, If I delegate the 150K SP, Is there any problem? If the profit is better than the one I using, I will also delegate more than 300K SP total. If that is OK with you, send me a note please.


Hi @navyactifit
We are returning 100% to delegators. To compare profit, you can delegate to us, for example 1.5K and in few days compare with your 150K delegation.

Then, you can decide what is better.


OK, I will delegate around 280K SP, navyactifit and julialee66(my wife) SP five days later.


Why not the same amount to compare ;)

Delegated 10SP for testing you.
Thanks @a-bot! ;)