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2 minutes ago0.184 STEEM POWER for godflesh/the-god-of-revelation-and-the-god-of-the-philosophers-last-part
9 minutes ago0.455 STEEM POWER for vcelier/vincent-is-in-binic-part-3-3-by-vincentleroy-translated-from-french
22 minutes ago0.207 STEEM POWER for goldmatters/24-karat-mene-gold-taco-tuesday
1 hour ago0.223 STEEM POWER for dobartim/steem-bounty-steem-vote-excange-club-excellent-project
2 hours ago0.338 STEEM POWER for lalala/daily-top-voter-2018-09-17
3 hours ago1.052 STEEM POWER for actifit/actifit-fitness-competition-plank-your-way-to-10-000-afit-tokens
3 hours ago0.126 STEEM POWER for edgarr/perfect-perfection
3 hours ago0.173 STEEM POWER for arunava/special-post-promotion-thread-valid-only-for-the-first-5-submissions-f3aa5da752711
3 hours ago0.325 STEEM POWER for onepercentbetter/4he3xg-steem
3 hours ago0.137 STEEM POWER for banglatech/freebitco-in-always-win-best-tricks