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last month0.067 SBD and 0.089 STEEM POWER for rid314/re-michaelx-a-statement-regarding-stan-larimer-on-behalf-of-the-larimer-family-20181105t030419426z
last month0.016 SBD and 0.022 STEEM POWER for rid314/sunbeam-2018-10-31-01-28-23
last month0.014 SBD and 0.020 STEEM POWER for rid314/the-beautiful-sky-2018-10-30-23-58-53
last month0.059 SBD and 0.076 STEEM POWER for rid314/alpenglow-2018-9-4-11-48-0
last month0.060 SBD and 0.077 STEEM POWER for rid314/over-there-2018-10-25-02-07-05
2 months ago0.011 SBD and 0.015 STEEM POWER for rid314/fall-flames-2018-10-21-11-16-53
2 months ago0.008 SBD and 0.011 STEEM POWER for rid314/cosmos-creek-2018-9-5-13-8-19
2 months ago0.020 SBD and 0.025 STEEM POWER for rid314/nature-s-canvas-2018-9-5-10-13-35
2 months ago0.021 SBD and 0.027 STEEM POWER for rid314/flowing-spring-water-2018-9-3-11-27-8
2 months ago0.012 SBD and 0.015 STEEM POWER for rid314/the-rivers-edge-2018-9-2-20-20-39