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Leaving steemit, thanks for the flags..

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  • in photo • 5 months ago

    Анапский снежок

  • White Rose!

  • in food • 11 months ago

    Grapes in Anapa!

  • The cat is sleeping on the fence!

  • Retro car!

  • White petunia!

  • Pink petunia!

  • Lilac petunia!

  • Red Petunia!

  • Purple petunia!

  • The cat lies on the fence!

  • Flowers of the night dawn!

  • Beautiful pink flowers!

  • Kid on the Black Sea!

  • Little girls on the sea!

  • Parachute and sea walks on the Black Sea!

  • Rescue boat on the Black Sea!

  • Catamarans on the Black Sea!

  • Sunset on the Black Sea in Anapa!

  • The car brought a hydrocycle and a banana to the beach!