7daypositivitychallenge: Taking The Bull By The Horn

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I have heard some persons mention "positivity" as a case of perception of the individual involved in a situation. I have tried to imbibe the culture of seeing a the silver lining in a every cloud. Thus, this #7daypositivitychallenge will really afford me the opportunity to showcase Positivity. @inthenow nominated me for this nice challenge started by @felobtc.


Stolen from Pixabay 😀😁😀


Coming from the part of the world you pay for basic utility to the government and you still provide the services by your expenses, I have always endeavored to maintain a positive outlook. A few days ago, my source of electricity has not been stable. I use a Generator to get electricity most times because of the callous attitude of the government officials to rectify our light problem. It has not been easy to cope with such expenses due to the high cost of petrol/fuel for the Generator. I was alarmed when the Generator started misbehaving and needed some maintenance.

It reduced my presence online coupled with the health challenge that didn't allow me to move about to do something about the Gen. I just resigned to my fate and either read books, or slept off most times. I am positive about life most times no matter the challenges and I am grateful to have another source of electric power.


This is how a generator look like, in case you have not seen one before 😁😀😁.

That will be all for my today's post. 😀.

My signout message is:

When You Stumble, Make It Part Of The Dance.



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@emjoe you continue to inspire me with such a positive attitude even when maybe most people would not be so positive in such a situation.

Thank you for sharing my friend and I send out good vibes to you to get that situation resolved :)


Thanks so much for coming around. I am glad you like it

Nice start to your positivity posts! :-) Here is hoping that your generator behaves itself. ;-) Have a great day my friend.


Thanks so much for nominating 😀🙌😀. And thanks for the good wishes


No problemo my friend. Y/W :-) Have a great day.


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Great post. . I just upvote you kindly follow @trickoash. Thanks


Thanks :)