7 Day Positivity Challenge - Day 5

It’s been a busy week for me. I am once again writing another post lying down in bed, not how I’d prefer to do this, but oh well!

Today we met our son’s nursery teacher for the first time, and she was lovely. I genuinely feel like we made the right choice for our boy with this nursery and I am actually excited for him to start, even though I know that there’ll be a lot of tears (from both of us!).

The good experience from our first meeting has changed my outlook on something that I had previously been dreading. For this, I am thankful.



  • Write a post about something you have to be positive about today - this could be anything from being thankful for your current situation, someone being nice to you, being thankful for your friends and family, or even being thankful for the opportunity you have been given here on Steemit - just keep it positive :)
  • Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated (with my life, I won't be doing it seven days in a row, but you can be sure I will write seven posts :)
  • Mention three people who should do this on each day.
  • Tag it with #7daypositivitychallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post
  • Include a picture of something positive (related to your story if possible)
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Aaah, there you are again.

Looks like the 7 days will happen over the span of one busy month for you. I admire your zeal for wanting to finishing the challenge.


Haha! Longest seven days ever lol!


Now imagine a year like that.