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While votes are still being counted for the 20k delegation contest (should be done by this afternoon PST) I will be giving out another chance to win some free upvotes!

@surfermarly put together a promotion plan for the 60 seconds of steem contestants! I want to add some gas to the flame by offering my SP for the cause. I will be giving out 10% upvotes to everyone that post their favorite 60 Seconds Of Steem entry on other social media sites outside of Steem (Twitter, Instagram, ETC)
To qualify for an upvote, please post proof that you shared a 60 seconds of Steem entry in the comments below and I will swoop by sometime in the near future and upvote you.

Please read! Details provided by @surfermarly

Which ones of these ads are you going to share with your social media friends tomorrow?
Think about the format - whether you're planning to upload a video to a network, embed it or share a link to the video on DTube or Youtube.
I'm actually posting this article today so that everybody has enough time to get prepared :-)
Here's your material:
Winning ad from travellit on Youtube

Second winner ashtv on Youtube

Third winning ad from pranto on Youtube

Forth winning ad from waybeyondpadthai on Youtube

Fifth winner midlet on Youtube

Link to all entries:
There are actually not rules for your social media posts, but these recommendations:
Please use the tags #Steem and #sixtyseconds on Twitter and Instagram so that other steemians can find your posts, vote/like and share them.
Try to be sophisticated and avoid advertisy phrases such as: Join Steem now, Sign up today or Earn instantly, etc. Put yourself in the position of the observer! We want invite people, not buy them.
Don't spam! One post per network / day is totally fine. You don't need to share the same video in each channel, so if you have more than one favorite: use different ads for different channels.
Be steemy! Steem is a network of cool, smart, funny and open-minded people - try to transmit that feeling in your post.
See you tomorrow at 10:00am EST (3:00pm UTC).
You may actually want to follow my Twitter account @surfermarly where I'll get the social media party started myself tomorrow :-)
Here's a link to all entries in case you prefer to share another one that's not on the list above. There have been incredible entries from many users such as @bitrocker2020, @coruscate, @ivansnz and @olegw, the @steembirds and many more.
PS: Don't forget to share your promotional activities on Steem (screenshots and links from your social media posts)- you may get rewarded for them. Make sure to use the hashtags #sixtyseconds and #promo-steem.

Original post: https://steemit.com/marketing/@surfermarly/join-the-60-seconds-of-steem-social-media-party-and-help-to-promote-steem-on-a-global-scale-tomorrow-20th-of-february-starting-from-10-00am-est-583ed362a19b4est

Lets Make Some Noise For STEEM!!!


Gracias por tan valiosa iniciativa @theycallmedan
Presento mi participación feliz de continuar apoyando a más personas a conocer y aprovechar los beneficios de Steemit


Thank you! Are you on Twitter, crypto.piotr? It's going great there now in the last couple of months and should get better.

Hi Dan

Done & done :) Here is @waybeyondpadthai's promotional video shared on twitter. Thanks for all you do bro!


Screenshot (346).png


Here is my tweet. Thank you so much!


60 seconds steem bxl.PNG

Saludos cordiales @theycallmedan
Nos complace apoyar tu iniciativa en la promoción de Steemit.
Te deseamos el mayor de los éxitos en todos tus proyectos.

Best regards @theycallmedan
We are pleased to support your initiative in the Steemit promotion.
We wish you the greatest success in all your projects.

Post in Facebook

Post orinoco facebook.jpg

Thank you for mentioning my name

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Done, here is my twitter campaign promotion link


Below is my steemit post, still on the 60 Seconds social media party

Truly? Do you know how to make money on the web ?
Yes! I'll show you STEEM Powered Social Media.
#Steem #sixtyseconds #marketing #steem #promo-steem #contest

I just told the truth and reality about steem an steem community @theycallmedan and I hope that we all just share stories on how steem can really save lives if not change them for the better.

what is steem.PNG

Screenshot_2019-02-22-01-50-08.jpeg[https://mobile.twitter.com/Tarpan67556394?p=s] is good,have a look at it!

🎁 Dear @somratking420,

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In order to give back to our beloved community, we’ll distribute 4000 STEEM to SPT holders immediately after Seed sale. Plus, investors in this earliest round will be given 60% more tokens as reward and overall Return on Investment is estimated at 300%!

Join the whitelist on SteemBet webiste now and start investing! Feel free to ask us anything on Discord https://discord.gg/tNWJEAD


Done it! Thanks for another great action.

Screen Shot

I uploaded the #sixtyseconds #promo-steem videos to my Facebook Page
Find it Here
#Steem video post:
Steem promo video sixty second winner.jpg

Here's mine! @acidyo had a great discussion going over on his blog today to. It helped me process my offering for this contest! 🎶❤🐹


Awesome Dan and this would sure give a little boost for the users to make Steem get a little high up.

My Twitter post Link






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