5G mind control?

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Leonard Kille served his nation in the military, then went onto train himself as an Engineer, accruing several 'Kodak' patents to his name. He suspected his wife of having an affair with the man who rented a room from them. She denied this. The only documented incident where he 'lost his temper' was when he threw a can of food at her, missing her. She demanded and pressured him to seek psychiatric 'help' for his 'delusions'. Note that she ultimately MARRIED the man her husband, in his 'delusions', suspected her of carrying on affair with. Which for most SANE people, would be taken as reasonable proof that his suspicions were well founded.

Dr Vernon Mark and Dr Frank Ervin took the opportunity to induce Leonard to participate in their 'psycho-surgical' experiments. They implanted electrodes in his brain, and stimulated them electrically. When he revoked his consent, they took away his clothing. They abused the electrodes to manipulate his mental state to ensure his continued non-voluntary (for he had expressed the desire to leave many times) participation in their experiments.

Leonard, after continued abuse as a 'lab rat' for Vernon and Ervin, ultimately gained his 'freedom' but in a diminished capacity. He spent many years in and out of the V.A hospitals, who treated his factual accounts of having had electrodes implanted in his brain, via which 'Doctors' controlled his behavior, as delusions. The facts are well documented. However at the time his claims were totally dismissed as the symptoms of 'mental illness'. In fact though now proven, he was never given justice, even after his death. In 1979 Helen Geis lost her malpractise lawsuite against Dr Vernon Mark and Dr Frank Ervin. Leonard's wife, of course, married the man her husband had suspected her of carrying on an affair with.

Dr Ervin, Dr Mark, and Dr Delgado, are infamous for their 'experimental' research in which they implanted electrodes into the brains of bulls, monkeys, and humans. Often prisoners and 'patients' in state run mental institutions. In the case of Leonard Kille, under pressure from his wife, who threatened to leave him if he did not participate. The full story is bound to be much more fascinating than the details provided in 'The minds of men', the documentary I got this information from.

I recently completed the first part of 'Entertaining Beliefs', which deals with Neuro Linguistic Programming. The idea is that the mind is like a computer that can be programmed via words. Language. For example, you yell out 'BOMB' in a crowded metro, and watch what happens. Simple stimulus-response conditioned reflex reactions. Just like any computer carrying out a program.

Cybernetics can be taken at many levels. It refers to 'steering', in its original Greek (Catharavousa or ancient?) derivation. It is about how feedback loops are used in purposeful action, to achieve the desired ends. How a system responds to feedback, to change its behavior, to more closely approximate the actions required to attain the ends. So that there is an ever greater convergence between the actions required to attain the ends, and the actions the cybernetic organism/machine carries out. Until we have convergence, and the desired ends are attained, via the required actions.

As infants we must first learn that our hands and arms are OURS, and then, via hit and miss, to learn to co-ordinate our movements of these limbs, to attain our desired objectives. We forget how much time and effort went into developing the 'muscle memories' we now take for granted. We no longer have to 'think' about picking up a cup, or scratching our nose. Unless we've had a stroke, in which case we must re-learn all the minute motor skills we spent our infancy learning.

We program computers with scripts, which ultimately reduce to a series of 'binary' commands. Yes/No. On/Off. Voltage/No Voltage. We have to write the programs at first. Then we can program the computer to write its own programs. This is happening as I write this. Computers are programming themselves. And the original programmers often have NO idea WHEN they began this. They can NOT even, in many cases, comprehend the 'programming language' the computer has evolved ITSELF.

But back to 5G. The art of 'government' a k a 'Cybernetics' in its original Greek meaning, has been, up to now, the use of 'language' to 'persuade' and 'convince' people into 'obeying' 'commands' given by the ruling elites. Like any stimulus-response conditioning, at first the presence of a real threat of violence, or the 'authority' of a 'significant other' who is ALREADY complying / obeying, is necessary. But soon that threat / authority becomes ASSOCIATED with the person giving the orders, and compliance is ensured without that original 'significant other' or any actual current active threat of violence being necessary, to gain compliance in the 'conditioned' subject.

So we have people going off to war to butcher men, women, and children, because 'someone told them to'. They either got a 'written notice' or were give a 'verbal command'. The recipient, programmed and conditioned to give a reflex response to such 'orders', carries them out, like an automaton. Of course they 'rationalise' their own behavior with reference to all manner of high level of abstraction concepts and ideals, such as 'love of country' and 'patriotism' and 'defense of the homeland' and 'defense of our way of life'. But these are just post retrospective rationalisations. Like the brain surgery patient 'explaining' that 'they are thirsty', after one part of their brain was told to 'get a glass of water', while the other half is totally 'in the dark' about the REAL motives / reasons it had for getting that glass of water, but does not want to ADMIT this, and so makes up that narrative about 'being thirsty', to cover up for the fact. Ask the bomber pilots who massacred women and children in Japan and Germany, and they'll do something similar.

My point here is that cybernetics operates this simply, to date, based on direct language commands. Verbal and written.

But the 'ideal' for the 'government' is to be able to bypass the need for language at all. Clearly words are 'heard' or 'read', and then something takes place within the brain as a result. The 'language' is 'encoded' into a natural form. The form that 'ideas' take within our minds.

The 'ideal' that Delgado, Vernon, and Mark were seeking to attain was to be able to DIRECTLY stimulate the same response they'd currently get from the verbal / written 'order', without the need for words. Simply by turning dials on their machines, sending electrical currents into the brain directly, and thus producing the desired result. Such as the man 'ripping up' the pregnant woman. And 'dashing their little ones heads against the stones'. If you doubt that 'government' has always had warfare as its main motive, please open any history book at any time in history. Read the Old Testament. 'God' is always commanding people to do the most horrific things to each other.

The original 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' was religion. Gaining 'transferred authority' for some command, as if issuing from the lips of some 'god' who MUST be obeyed, at the risk of an eternity of horrifically cruel torture for those who would NOT obey / comply.

All robotics systems work on cybernetics. As does the purposeful action in all animals, including humans. And just as equally in plants, with phototropism and hydrotropism being the simplest of cybernetic 'feedback loop' systems.

All our motives and thus every action we carry out willfully and consciously, and many we carry out unconsciously, reduce to the desire for pleasure and relief and comfort (and thus power to obtain and secure these goods), and the aversion to pain, and the loss of pleasure (and thus power to avoid pain, discomfort, and loss of any sources of pleasure / relief / comfort security a k a 'goods' we currently possess).

The threat of 'eternal suffering in Hell' was devised to manipulate people. To 'steer' them in the directions the elites desired. To motivate them to act in ways that the elites benefitted from. And to act against their own desires, and even instincts to self-preservation. To become slaves to the Priest classes and their pyramidal hierarchies.

So we've been manipulated for millenia by the Priests and their terrorism. Their Neuro Linguistic Programming. They have programmed us from birth, with their various 'media', from classroom verbal conditioning, to written conditioning, to 'religion' directly in church, and to the mass media.

So far we've remained their slaves. Language has been 'weaponised' to serve the elites selfish, and usually destructive, ends.

But what if these elites could do away with all this cumbersome 'indoctrination' via language? The need for constant programming and conditioning via words? Via verbal and written language?

What if someone could 'decode' the actual electrical signals that langauge is converted into, IN the brain itself? And then DIRECTLY manipulate the brains of subjects by transmitting THESE signals DIRECTLY to the brain?

Not even science fiction. This has been done. Delgado did it decades ago with chimps and bulls. Ervin and Mark did it with Leonard Kille. The documentary 'The minds of men' shows many other examples of mental hospital patients being 'controlled' directly via the turn of a dial, to enter various emotional states from anger to euphoria, from total disobedience and rebellion, to absolute mindless, total, unquestioning acquiescence and obedience.

Consider how long it takes for a Cult of Judah affiliate / agent to condition that sort of mindless obedience into the masses. It takes decades. And still some of us faile to be converted into mindless zombie sheeple. Some of us will NOT murder women and children, just because some 'government communication' 'commands' us to. Or 'suggests' we 'volunteer'.

Now we come to the sudden rush in the Cult of Judah Occupied U.S.A to build a 5G network.

If over 50 years ago electrodes could be implanted into human brains, to directly stimulate / produce specific actions and states of minds, consider how far this 'technology' could have advanced.

The ambition of the early 'cybernetics' researchers was to bypass language, and directly produce brain activity, and its 'correlate' in physical action. They achieved this. Using the most basic electrical components imaginable. Imagine what they could do TODAY.

If the verbal / written command 'FIRE' is encoded by the ears / eyes, in the brain, into 'frequency X of amplitude Y for duration Z', then simply by transmitting THAT very frequency at that exact amplitude, for that precise duration, could be expected to produce the 'thought' / 'idea' / 'impulse' / 'desire' / 'response' that the verbal / written command would produce.

Do I have to explain further? With 5G transmitters on every lightpost, at every corner, on every country road, in every public area, and in your own home, in every 'smart' appliance, in the 'internet of things', imagine IF they DID / HAVE worked out the 'direct programming language of the mind'. The 'machine code' of our own minds.

I've detailed early experiments with manipulating human emotions using very low frequencies in my TROONATNOOR books. Like most ADVANCED research, the 'public' research is 'pulled' back from any public awareness and scrutiny, and taken 'underground' to 'black sites', where it is continued. Funded like all the other 'shadow government' institutions in the same ways. Via criminal activities such as illegal drugs. And simply by 'printing money' at 'The Fed'.

WHY the sudden rush to implement 5G, with ZERO research into possible harmful side effects?

Could it be that the government have actually attained their objective? That they have worked out how to, 'at a distance', control human emotions, thoughts, impulses, desires, and thus human actions?

Without the need for the 'intermediary' of images and language, the mass media, educational institutions, books, Hollywood films, tell-lie-vision, music videos, or religion? Without the need for LINGUISTIC programming of ANY kind? Simply by 'transmitting' particular frequencies, for particular durations, with particular amplitudes, directly into OUR brains?


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