3D design "Blade Runner"

in 3dprinting •  6 months ago

It has been a while but today I like to share with you my latest design, the "Blade Runner" :-)

BladeRunner by N3D.gif

BladeRunner N3D.jpg

This is a bigger version of the Key chain propeller I designed nearly 3 years ago and has over 3700 views on Thingiverse.

If you have a 3d printer and a bearing (skateboard / ceramic) than give it a try and let em know if you like it as well. The design has been uploaded to Thingiverse for free download.


This has been designed in Fusion360. I will write a detailed tutorial post on Busy or might even do my first DLive session and show the the design process live.

All the best!


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Simple but cool design. Thanks for sharing it to all on thingiverse. It is an improvement from your previous version. I like the gear, it will suit me as maker and serve well to show the quality of 3d printing to people I speak. Good to always have an useful sample in the pocket.


Thank you, I am happy you like it.

Looks really cool !


Thank you very much!

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its a great design of blade runner.......really you done a good job..hope for the best

Is it need to be polish again or it can be install at the skate board you mean? What kind of polimer are you using ?

Excellent contribution friend I congratulate you things so they promote the technological world that I like your initiative congratulations, a big hug for you from Venezuela


That's perfectly executed so amazing that is to see :D

Nice post,, posting is quite interesting and useful I like it

Your original piece of "Blade Runner" is awesome and in my opinion you created an digital form of it with amazing combination of black and chocolate colours. Thanks for sharing this post with us and i am waiting for the Dlive session. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂