Decentraland Scene Builder Tips and Previews

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Designing in 3D

Decentraland is preparing to launch their easy-to-use scene builder - made to make their blockchain world much more accessible to creatives and designers without software backgrounds. The 3D builder will be available this month!

In preparation for hoards of builders - Decentraland is sharing tips and ideas for how to design in 3D as opposed to 2D. The builder offers a dimensional environment to load and compose assets into. Here's a look at the drag and drop interface with the cursor around the stone pathway (below).

For more tips on scene building, make sure to explore the tutorial post, here.

Sign Up for the Creator Contest

In celebration of the upcoming scene builder, Decentraland has also planned a Creator Contest. If you’re a designer looking for a cutting edge challenge, make sure to explore the contest homepage (here) and sign up! The contest begins this month. Winners will receive premium LAND parcels (prime blockchain real estate) along with 100 MANA.

Click here to visit the Creator Contest Homepage.

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This is exciting especially for creative professionals in the blockchain space. Thanks for sharing @creativecrypto🤘😊

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