Thank you! Nah, I'm not unbeatable. This is only the 4th time I've won in the 11 weeks I've entered, I think. :) I believe I started entering in week 4 if I'm not mistaken. It's such a great contest, I'd be sad if people didn't think they'd have any chance of winning.

I'm trying also to get more people involved because the contest is really a great way to hone our writing skills. I think some day it will be very big!

@free-reign I hope it will be big, it's what I hope with each writing contest/challenge. They all should be promoted more. I only join because of the puzzle aspect of it. not think many will join. You need to like writing, be a native speaker with most contests on Steem or at least very good if it comes to English. I noticed too there's a huge difference between what people of different countries like. for your response. Enjoybyour day/the writing. ❤️