I can only read text, not load pictures. Pity you do not write down the prompt so.slow internet users can join too. 💕

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I had this problem for a while when on the Starbucks wifi.

Possibly there is something we can do. Can you view images on - ? If you can, I will make a point to upload pictures there. Hmm... It could be a good way to advertise this contest.

@tristancarax it took a bit longer but I could see the photos. ❤️

#Love your photo prompt: HELP ME, technocracy, agenda, United Nations, Socratic Logic, Robot Workshop... science fiction and AIs trapped in little metal boxes (computers) always come to mind, for me. If the Muse pays me a visit, I hope she comes with more math assistance... numbers! Eeep!!

And the drawings. You draw that well? Wow!

This was when I was more into conspiracies and the theories. Not so much at the current time. More into occult wisdom at the moment and playing games.

I hope this means you are cogitating on an entry to this contest!

Uh.... what's the deadline... me and my big mouth!
The counting!!

Tomorrow. I just started one. I have to give you a counting tip:

The first three lines of my story looked like this in my draft, which I am making in Word:

14, 10, 4, 29, 16, 12, 21, 20, 24, 8, 3, 13, 9, 15, 6, 25, 22, 26, 2, 31, 17, 30, 18, 7, 28, 1, 27, 19, 5, 11, 23
14, 10, 4,

The womyn waded as silently as possible into the pond in their back field.

The night was very dark, and the water very warm.

No one could see.

This saves me a TON of time. And it feels akin to freewriting, but sort of slow motion freewriting. I hope you give it a shot.

I think that was how I started last time, but we're talking math here. Thanks for the pointers! This time, I made it work. I even used Word Count to verify it. The 31-sentence limit may be the hardest part of all! How to finish a story with a beginning, middle, and end in that small space....

deadline is sometime Tuesday. You can do it!

First blood. I forgot my duties for a minute. lol

The deadline

is posted... where? Am I too late? If so, so be it! --Never mind: I found it - no date spelled out - what, does someone else have a number phobia too? LOL
Contest closes at the end of this post's payout. Tuesday...
Here goes: oops, sorry!!

I thought of you when I brought out this weeks prompt. 8-)

I wondered if you had to be honest. This is a topic so near to my heart!

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