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It is mostly true but it's two separate incidents combined; one when I was around 8 or 9 where she came up to my school and wandered the corridors screaming until she found me and the other many years later when she came to my place of work and peed herself on the stairs.
I promise only fiction from now on:)


Holy Schmoly, Trudy Weirdy, what a mother!
The ring of authenticity here had me thinking what @owasco just said - but please PLEASE do not stop delivering the truth in the guise of fiction! and what @agmoore2 said is every bit as brilliant as your fiction is - When we're children, we don't own our stories. Other people write the narrative and we're just characters. Telling the story, the way it happened to us, gives us power. You really know how to use that power. That is a quotable quote - now, if I can save it somewhere that I'll find again!
I haven't read any other entries yet, but this one is a winner. You are peerless. Please start writing books, novels, a series - whether a Ramona Quimby age group for an audience, or adults, or both (don't more adults than kids read kid-lit?). You have a gift!!!!

Oh man. Fourth place. Well, I wasn't the judge. Also, we can't have the same person win EVERY week, right? Never let the contest judging shake your confidence (not that you've done so). Sooo many things go into picking and ranking. I hate judging. Hate it, hate it. I don't even like having to pick a number from one to five to slap on a book review.

How could anything shake my confidence with yourself and owasco around? :)

You know very well that it's not the winning, it's the taking part....and I mean that sincerely folks. Of course, it's great to win but the fun is daring to enter. Before Steemit I hadn't written anything since my schooldays other than business letters, so it's a thrill to post, let alone to win.
I love the 31 sentence thing and agmoore's collage, the prompt last week, really spoke to me. It's a brilliant piece. I imagine so many people must have looked at it and felt they would have done exactly the same had they the talent. And yes, her comment was gold too.

You do know I didn't mean for you to stop telling us your story.
So you went through this for decades, this drunken mother coming into your life away from her?

Thankfully only until my early twenties when the poor wretch killed herself with the drink. It's sort of funny at this remove but at the time....well...

oh my god. There is not a thing about that that seems funny to me. How is that funny? Do you have siblings? Was there also a father in this toxic mix? I'm sorry if I am asking too personal of questions. Your stories make a whole lot more sense to me all of a sudden. Not that they didn't make sense! Oh I am ferblungett from today's story.

Ah sure it's a long long time ago and when I write about it now I can how funny it must have looked to others. Yes, I have a brother and funnily enough, we're both teetotalers. My father was absent a lot with his second (secret) family. We were a rum bunch and no mistake.

Sounds like a rich and endless source of material for you, the silver lining.

Great word that ferblungett. I've not come across it before but in the future, I will be sure to use it with some frequency.

I have definitely spelled it wrong, and it might be yiddish. Just so you know.

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